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5 Things your Customers will Thank you For

Running a successful business includes a lot of moving pieces. If everything doesn’t fall into place, you could upset customers rather than please them.

Fortunately, with the right help in place, you can make sure every client feels cared for and supported. So what are the things your customers will appreciate?

We’ve uncovered the top 5 things below.


You Show them How you can Solve their Problems

Customers usually come to a business because they have a problem, and they want you to solve it. With the right message taking service, you’ll know that your customers hear what they need when they call your business.

Knowing what your business offers and how they can solve your customers’ pain points is important and should be something every person that answers your phones understands.


Asking the Right Questions

Customers don’t always know what they need or want until they talk to someone from your company. If you’re not available to answer the phone, you need to know whoever is answering the phone knows the best questions to ask your customers to help them uncover what they need.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes on the phone before they realize what solution will solve their problem.

Personalized Service

Customers don’t like cookie-cutter services. They want to know the service you deliver is tailored to their needs. When you offer personalized service from the moment they call your business to the time they’re done doing business with you, it will increase customer loyalty.

Customers want to feel special, not like they are just another number in a sea of numbers making you money.


Provide Solutions not Problems

Sometimes customers don’t know what they need, but when you provide the solution, their lightbulb goes off. 

Suddenly they see how you can help them. When you have the right message taking service answering your phones, they’ll know what to say that will make your customers happy, and not what will cause them to go elsewhere.


Be There when they Need You

This is probably the most important factor customers care about. They want you there when they need you. This doesn’t mean they get a recording that says you are unavailable. They want a live person answering the phone and solving their problems right away.

When a customer calls, it’s because they have an interest in your business. If you aren’t there when they call, they’ll likely move on to someone else.


Final Thoughts

The right message taking service is the key to supporting your business. At Easybee we offer affordable programs that ensure your customers are always well cared for even when you can’t answer the phone. 

Your clients will feel like they are talking to someone directly from your business – that’s how well we get to know you and your clients. At just $69 a month, we can ensure that your customers always have the answers they need. Don’t wait any longer!

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