3 Ways to Keep Your Clients Loyal With a Virtual Answering Service

In an ever-growing competitive landscape for small businesses, business owners must find ways to stay ahead of the competition. They often look at generating more sales by capturing new clients, but rarely do they focus on capitalizing on their existing client. Client retention has a better return on investment than client acquisition. A way business owners can promote client retention is through improving the client’s loyalty by hiring a virtual answering service.

Client loyalty relies on several aspects, but customer care is key in promoting it. It can be hard for a small business to excel in customer care as small business owners are often with their hands full with other tasks. A virtual receptionist service can help you keep your clients loyal in three different ways:

1. Stop missing calls

Aircall.io reports that 80% of business communication still happens over the phone. Missing out on calls means that you are probably missing out on important business communication that may have been profit opportunities waiting to be seized. What is more important, is that 85% of callers whose calls are not answered will NOT call back. As you may already know, it is harder to acquire a new client than to retain a client. However, missing their calls is a sure fire way of destroying your client retention.

2. Unparalleled customer service

96% of customers agree that customer service is paramount in how loyal they are to a brand. Transactions with customers are not only comprised by the exchange of goods and services for money. Customers will also observe more than what you sell. How satisfied they are with the transaction is also dependent on how they are received and treated. Answering service operators are trained to be kind, courteous, and professional. When your clients call, they want a warm hello – and fast!

3. Impressive concierge service

As a small business, it can be hard to convey an image of strength, depth, and culture; all aspects of a company that can develop client loyalty. However, having an impressive concierge service, such as an answering service, will show your clients that you are ready to meet and exceed their standards of attention.

3 ways to improve client loyalty with a virtual receptionist service_Mesa de trabajo 1

For your small business, a virtual receptionist is important as it helps improve customer loyalty. Taking the help of a small business virtual receptionist can improve customer experience better than the previous one, increasing your brand’s reputation, and capitalizing on existing client opportunities followed by an increase in profits of the business.

If you too are looking for a virtual receptionist for your small business then, consider Easybee’s small business virtual answering services. Easybee’s small business virtual receptionist will manage all the important calls and offer clients with best-quality service they need. Want to know more about how to develop your brand with Easybee?

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