How Can an Attorney Use a Virtual Receptionist?

Attorneys are intensely busy throughout the workweek. They often have to be litigating in court and meeting with clients about their cases. Some law offices offer administrative support, but if you're in a solo practice or a much smaller firm, you may not have the budget to hire a full-time assistant.

What often happens in these situations is paralegals get stuck answering phones instead of doing what they were hired to do, which is conduct extensive legal research for you. If you really want to succeed as an attorney and grow your business, it's time to add a virtual receptionist to your law office's operation. Below are several ways a virtual receptionist can help any law office.

Keeps Paralegals Off the Phones

Maybe if you're in a solo practice, you don't have a paralegal, but in smaller law offices, there's often one paralegal who works for multiple attorneys. Think about how often that paralegal is answering the phone as opposed to doing legal research.

A competent, professional virtual receptionist like Easybee can help cut your incoming call volume by half or more. When a virtual receptionist handles incoming calls, the only phone calls you have to worry about are the ones that are screened through to your office. And it keeps your paralegals off the phones and doing research for you instead.

Even if your law office does have an assistant, a virtual receptionist frees up the administrative assistant to handle other tasks, such as greeting clients, answering emails and other office duties.

Gain Flexibility and Grow Your Practice.

With a virtual receptionist handling the majority of your law office's call volume, you have the flexibility to focus on other areas of your practice — namely, helping clients and continuing to offer the professional legal services your clients need.

A new virtual receptionist doesn't require any new office space, and it's cost-effective. Easybee has available plans based on the number of minutes your law office needs per month, and customized plans are available if none of them suit your needs.

A virtual receptionist can also make your firm appear larger than it actually is, which may help improve your clients' impression of your practice. It also guarantees someone will be there to pick up the phone and handle your clients' concerns whenever they call — so you don't have to worry about being away from your desk while you're in court or meeting with clients in person.

Financial Stability

As mentioned above, hiring a virtual receptionist like Easybee is cost-effective — it's much less expensive than hiring a full-time receptionist with benefits. A virtual receptionist lowers your overhead significantly, and your business benefits from having customer service experts handle incoming phone calls.

No More Voicemail or Missed Calls

It's no surprise to anyone that missed calls cost businesses time and money — especially in the legal field, where vulnerable clients are calling your practice because they're in trouble, injured or need legal help, and the last thing they want is to call your office's number and hear nothing but endless rings or a voicemail message.

People who are in need of legal services want to hear another human's voice at the other end of the line and know their problem is being taken care of. And when someone calls your practice and their call isn't answered, chances are they're going to call your competitor instead, and that means more business for them instead of you. A virtual receptionist can help mitigate this by fielding client calls in a professional manner.

Enjoy Services That Go Beyond Answering the Phone

Easybee can do more than just answer client calls — we also experts at appointment scheduling, call forwarding, message relaying and lead collection to help your law firm generate new business.

If your law office is interested in virtual receptionist services from Easybee, you can set a meeting directly to find out more about custom live answering service plans and pricing.


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