3 Ways a Virtual Answering Service Can Build Your Professional Image


A professional appearance is important for operating a successful law firm, real estate office or other small business. Business owners use websites, business cards and even a professional wardrobe to maintain a professional look. But a high-quality phone answering service can also be an essential piece in creating a professional image for your company. Here are three ways a virtual receptionist can help build a professional image for your small business.


1. Clients Won't Wonder About Voicemail

A voicemail greeting doesn't always create a great first impression. Clients may imagine a dusty, empty office that isn't very busy. They may wonder why no one answered the phone and if you are usually hard to reach. Many clients are seeking a serious professional or business and expect calls to be answered right away. The good news is that a phone answering service means clients receive a friendly, professional greeting from an actual human every time they call.

2. A Phone Answering Service Knows the Right Way to Handle Calls

Hiring employees can be a risk since someone may not have the personality or experience that your business needs. An awkward or unprofessional receptionist can give clients the wrong impression and hurt your small business. Virtual receptionists like those at Easybee are trained professionals ready to represent your business. Whether customers need to schedule an appointment, get information about your business or get a message to you, a professional phone answering service can provide assistance.

3. It Gives Businesses a Complete and Polished Look

So much effort goes into creating just the right image for a professional business. Lawyers strive to create perfect letterhead and great websites, and Realtors purchase business cards and marketing materials. Even clothing and office decor contribute to building your brand as a professional. Unfortunately, if a client's calls are not reliably answered, they may question the polished image you've worked hard to create. A part-time or overworked staff member may not be able to consistently answer when clients call, and voicemail doesn't offer the immediate help clients desire. However, a phone answering service can fix this problem by offering high-quality service every time someone calls your office.
Don't waste the hard work you've put into creating the perfect professional brand for your business by mishandling phone calls. Virtual receptionists at Easybee can handle all of your calls and give clients, and even other professionals, the immediate high-quality service they expect. If you would like more information on how to build your brand with

Easybee, call 305-447-7022 or visit their website.



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