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Does Your Answering Service Include Outbound Calls?

Short answer: if it does not, it should!

All answering services take care of your inbound calls. The idea is very straightforward, unexpected calls may affect your productivity by interrupting your daily task and missing out on calls may lead to lost opportunities. However, if we focus on the time and productivity aspect, what else can an answering service do to help you be more efficient? 

At Easybee, we believe that helping with outbound calls is just as important as helping you with your inbound calls. Say you get a call from a client asking a very simple question. For example, “hey I want to confirm if the attorney filed my paperwork.” Our operators will take a great message and relay it to you. You are now in a position where you need to call this client back to simply let him or her know “yes your paperwork was filed.” But, as every business owner knows, it is not so simple. Sometimes trying to reach someone represents time as not everyone answers their phone.

To add to this, once your client gets you on the line with them, they may try to ask more questions and take up more of your time. You may not be billing for this time, yet you are spending with your client far more time than you would have liked.


Outbound calls

Trusting your answering service with your outbound calls is another quintessential part of running an efficient operation. As an answering service, we can place outbound calls on your behalf to relay the information you want us to relay. Your clients will know they are talking to someone other than yourself, this keeps the call brief, yet all the necessary information was relayed to them. As with any other call, you always get a message confirming what went on during the call.

If we are unable to reach your client as we place the outbound call, we will still send you a message with the outcome. We will let you know if we left a voicemail or if your client was unreachable and does not have a voicemail set up. It is then up to you to let us know when we should try calling them again. We will also leave a note in your script in case they call back after the missed call. This way, if they call, our operators know what they are calling about and they can relay the information and send you a message about this.

Outbound calls are another great tool for saving time and becoming efficient. Our outbound calls are placed by the most experienced operators and have proven to be of great help to our clients over the years.

If you are looking for an answering service that can be more than just a call taker, check out Easybee Answering Services. You can test our inbound service, outbound service, and more through our two-week free trial.

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