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How can a Legal Answering Service Help Lawyers Maximize Billable Hours

Are you a lawyer looking for ways to optimize your billable hours? Then, a legal answering service may be the solution.

Successful lawyers know that time is money, and maximizing billable hours is the only way to make money. But lawyers have to do more than help clients. There is a long list of administrative tasks, including answering and returning calls, gathering leads, and dealing with opposing counsel to handle.

It can quickly become overwhelming and take away from your billable hours.

So what can you do?

Hire a legal answering service.

A legal answering service can help increase productivity while ensuring every client gets top-notch customer service. In addition, you don’t have to hire additional staff; you can rest assured that you have an extra layer of support for your business. 


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The Benefits of a Legal Answering Service

Even if you’re trying to cut costs, there are many reasons to consider a legal answering service, including the money you’ll save.

You might think spending more on a service is the opposite of what you want, but it will help you save money. Here’s how.


More Billable Hours

Your clients will always try to fish for free legal advice. They will call at any time of day with a “quick question” that may end up being a 30 minute phone call which you are not billing. By scheduling *everything* with them, you will be able to maximize the billable hours with your clients and make the most of your time.


Less Distractions

You’ll have more time for billable hours because you won’t be distracted by the phone ringing, playing phone tag, or putting out fires you didn’t have scheduled in your day. When you can focus on each task and then move on to the next, it’s much easier to fit more billable hours into your day.


Fewer Administrative Tasks

It’s common to feel like you can be a jack of all trades and do everything, but that’s not always true. There are tasks you can and should outsource because the opportunity cost of your time isn’t worth it.

For example, answering the phone is a critical part of running a business, but if you stop what you’re doing every few minutes to answer the phone, the jobs only you can do because you’re the lawyer never get done. 

When you have someone capable of handling administrative tasks, there’s more time for billable hours and profits.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a company to effectively handle the calls at your law firm, consider Easybee’s legal answering service. Our service can effectively represent your law firm with real-time contact with clients.

You don’t have to worry about missing calls, losing clients, or missing billable hours because you are pulled in too many directions. Instead, we ensure your clients have top-notch customer service. If you’d like to see how our services work, contact us today to get your free 15-day trial. 


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