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Top 5 Qualities Virtual Receptionists Should Have to Handle your Calls

You can hire a virtual receptionist from many companies, but not all receptionists offer the same qualities or services. Since an answering service represents your company as much as you do when you answer the phone, you need a service with the right qualities.

Here’s what you should look for in a virtual receptionist:

Technical Expertise

A virtual receptionist should be tech-savvy and be able to adapt to any new technology introduced to them. During training, a receptionist should quickly understand the process and how it works to become a part of your team. This ensures when customers call that, they feel like they’re talking to someone within your business and not an outsourced receptionist.

Learning new technology quickly ensures a fast onboarding process and a faster path to 24/7 assistance in handling your calls.

Great Organizational Skills

Virtual receptionists handle calls for many businesses simultaneously, so they must be organized. Therefore, it is important to have a tidy desk and computer ready to handle any task thrown their way.

Virtual receptionists not only answer phones but they schedule appointments, store clients’ contact information, and keep track of customers. Therefore, they should have all the information they need at their fingertips to help your customers when they call.


Virtual receptionists must excel at multitasking. Most of the time, they work under pressure, dealing with customers who aren’t always happy. They must know how to interact with the customers while finding a solution to keep them happy fast.

The multitasking skills required are the key to the quality of customer service they provide. If they can’t multitask, they’ll provide less than optimal customer service for your business.


Virtual receptionists must be able to switch gears between calls. No two customers have the same needs. They may go from one happy customer to an angry customer within a few minutes.

Being empathetic and calm while figuring out what a customer needs is the key to good customer service.


A virtual receptionist who is unsure what they’re saying or how to help customers won’t help your business.

You need a virtual receptionist who is confident in their skills and the training provided by you to handle your calls. A confident receptionist can calm down the angriest customer and ensure they turn them around, providing the utmost customer service.


Final Thoughts

Virtual receptionists need specific qualities to handle your business properly. Sure, you could have anyone answer your phones, but if they aren’t providing the right first impression, are they really helping your business?

Look for a team of virtual receptionists who are confident, can multitask, are adaptable, and learn quickly. At Easybee, you’ll find that each of our receptionists fits this bill. We offer the highest quality receptionists in almost any industry, providing customers with the level of customer service they desire.


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