Bilingual Answering Service

Reasons to Prioritize Having a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist Service

According to CIS, more than 67 million people speak a language other than English at home. Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages spoken in the U.S., and there are more Spanish speakers in most other countries.

Not being able to handle calls in Spanish can be detrimental to your business, but a bilingual virtual receptionist service can help.

If you aren’t sure why you should have a bilingual service answering your calls, keep reading to learn more.


You Can Take More Calls and Get More Business

When you appeal to a larger audience, you naturally get more business. Having someone answer a Spanish-speaking person’s call helps that caller feel at ease immediately. If you have to transfer the call to someone else or can’t answer their call at all, it can lead to a loss of business.

Why take the chance? A bilingual answering service can give your callers the attention they deserve.


Bilingual Customer Service Enhances the Customer’s Experience

Every customer wants to feel heard when they call your business. If you can’t help a customer, it makes them feel unappreciated and often go elsewhere. You can appeal to a multicultural audience when you offer bilingual customer service.

Everyone likes to talk about the service they receive, whether good or bad. If you’re able to service your multicultural clients with the same ease that you handle all other calls, word will spread that you are a company that honors all cultures, and it can increase your bottom line.


You Stop Isolating Yourself from Certain Clients

When you can only handle calls in English, you isolate yourself from many other opportunities. Customers immediately feel at ease when they hear English and Spanish messages

This eliminates the need to either guess what option they are selecting or abandon the call and try another company.


Ensures All Customers are Happy

When customers are happy, your business thrives. But customers can’t be satisfied if you can’t service them the way they need. Having bilingual customer service reps ensures all customers immediately get the answers they need.

When your representatives can handle calls in multiple languages, it also enhances their mental flexibility and allows them to do even more for your business.


 Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering if you need a bilingual answering service, the answer is yes!

All companies can benefit from having someone that speaks Spanish answering calls.

The Spanish language is becoming more common in today’s society and having someone that can easily switch from English to Spanish is the key to making all customers feel included.

No one likes to feel ‘different’ or be put on hold to find someone who can Hire a service like Easybee, where we have top-notch Spanish-speaking customer service representatives that can help every customer that calls your business.

There are no more hold times, taking messages, or risking abandoned calls.

Let us help your business grow! 

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