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Virtual receptionist: your best option to increase productivity in your company

Do you feel like your day just slips away from you and the to-do list just keeps getting longer? Maybe you feel like you ignore certain tasks your business requires because you’re constantly pulled in the direction of answering calls and putting out fires.

Customer service is paramount to your business’s success, but at what cost? If you’re constantly getting distracted by important phone calls, the other business tasks, which are just as necessary, get ignored or pushed off.

This is why outsourcing your call needs to a virtual receptionist is key. 

Here’s why.

You’ll Increase Productivity

Let’s talk about the distraction the phone causes. Yes, you have customers calling and you want to give them 100% of your attention, but then what? You get stuck in this rabbit hole trying to put out fires or the call brings your attention to another problem and before you know it, you’ve had the least productive day possible.

Not to mention the vendors, creditors, and anyone else that calls and needs your attention. Before you know it, your day is over and you still have a long list of things you need to do, causing you to burn the candle at both ends.

Outsourcing your receptionist duties will increase productivity and allow you to focus on the important areas of your business.


You’ll Know What your Business Needs

Taking on new employees costs a lot of money. According to SHRM, the cost (including labor hours) is around $4,425 to onboard one new employee. Now what happens when that employee leaves after a few months? You’re back at square one.

When you outsource your services, you take advantage of a larger company’s economy of scale and skip the onboarding costs.


You’ll Put your Employees to Work

Paying a full-time employee to answer phones might feel like a good idea, but what else can they do?

If they are required to answer the phone on the first couple of rings every time, they’re going to have very little time for any other tasks. If they do, they’ll be constantly pulled from that task to answer the phone. 

This could add up to much more money than is necessary to spend on someone to answer the phone. Instead, when you outsource to a virtual receptionist, you pay less and aren’t on the hook for benefits.

The money you do spend on employees can be spent on tasks that are crucial to your business’s operation and growth.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to increase productivity at your business, it’s time to outsource certain tasks. A virtual receptionist can be a great way to take your day back and be in charge of how your business operates.

You’ll feel less exhausted, more empowered, and more accomplished for it. If you’d like to see how outsourcing your receptionist needs works, sign up for our free 2-week trial and give our services a try!

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