Ways you can save money with an Answering Service

The Coronavirus pandemic and the push to work from home has been a catalyst for companies to contract services that allow them to operate remotely. For a lot of business owners, this transition has not been easy. Virtually overnight, business owners have had to become experts in advancing the technology on their businesses and the skepticism on the return of some of these investments has run amok.

One solution that has proven advantageous for several small business is the use of a virtual receptionist service. Let’s look at how an answering service can put money back in your pocket and how it pays for itself.

Reducing Customer Service Costs

The use of an answering service helps you streamline how you interact with your customers. After using a virtual receptionist service for a few months, your clients start falling in line and understanding how you have streamlined communication with them. They will be appreciative about always having their calls answered and their messages relayed yet they will be more patient in waiting for a resolution. Streamlining your customer service will allow you to cut down on excess customer service resource, thus cutting your costs.

No Missed Opportunities

Think of the cost of a lead. Though the cost of a lead varies greatly, Marketing Charts estimates that the average cost per lead in 2019 was $198. Missing out on a lead’s phone call is like burning through those $198. Not to mention the opportunity cost that your business is missing out on by not being able to capitalize on that lead.

No Hardware or Infrastructure Costs

Using an answering service as the backbone of the communication structure with your clients can go beyond saving on personnel. You are also saving on the infrastructure that you would have needed to house those personnel. Having a receptionist, regardless of whether she was in office or working from home, means that you need to spend on a computer, phone terminal, space, desk, and more. These are expenses you will not face with an answering service.

Streamline Your Operation

By streamlining your operation to fit a call answering protocol, you are also making your team more efficient. Your team will now be able to handle more as they will not be distracted by random phone calls coming in at unexpected times. This added efficiencies translate to dollars in your pocket.

If you too are looking to stay ahead and advance technologically, a virtual receptionist service like Easybee, can go a long way. Easybee’s bilingual virtual receptionist will manage all the important calls and offer clients with best-quality service they need whether they speak English or Spanish. Want to know more about how to develop your brand with Easybee?



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