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What Do Your Spanish Customers Expect From You?

When a customer calls your support agents, they have a specific set of expectations that must be met. If your support agent fails to do that, your business’s reputation could be at stake. 

Customers’ expectations get even more specific when they’re from a certain background and speak a language other than English. The same rule applies to Spanish customers who need personalized support in Spanish. 

Let’s have a look at your regular Spanish customer’s expectations upon calling you. 

Your Spanish customer’s expectations

Here’s a brief list of expectations that you must pay the most attention to. 


Here’s the most important aspect of providing support to customers of a different native background. As the customer speaks a different language, i.e., Spanish, your support agent must be fluent in that as well. If he/she is not, the customer won’t be able to receive personalized support that fits their needs. 

Fluent Spanish

Of course, the support won’t be tailored unless the support agent is fluent in Spanish. Being a native/bilingual is a plus point, but being fluent is a necessity. While picking a phone answering service to partner with, make sure to choose the one that has fluent agents in your target market. 

Quick solutions to complaints

This is kind of an obvious one, but your receptionist should be able to assist the caller on short notice. Callers don’t like wasting their time with agents who don’t even solve their problems at the end. That’s why the agent must be well-aware of the know-how of the industry. 

Up-to-date knowledge

Customers’ queries can often be tricky and extremely specific. The receptionist should have all the basic and advanced knowledge needed to overcome problems of various magnitudes. Moreover, the techniques and technologies used in customer support keep changing — so the answering service must pay attention to that as well. 


Why meeting these expectations is vital for your business?

Personalization is important if you want to go global and expand your business in foreign markets. And that’s not possible until you have customer support set in place to handle customers of the markets you’re stepping into. 

If you fail to provide effective support to the new markets you’re investing in, you’re not going to make a great first impression. And as any creative mind would tell you, making a great first impression is crucial for building a solid, loyal customer base. 

When you fail to land a respectable number of loyal customers in a market, you’d struggle to make a great name there. As a result, you won’t be able to reach your ultimate goal of global expansion. 



Taking care of your foreign customers is an essential step of going global and making a name worldwide. And you can’t do that until you’re working with a reliable phone answering service that has bilingual virtual receptionists. 

This article lays down the top expectations your Spanish customers have from you — plus, why it’s important for you to meet these expectations.

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