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The Human Touch: Why Humans Are Essential in Virtual Answering Services

Today, AI-powered technology is taking over what humans used to do. But, while it may improve a company's efficiency, it takes away the human touch that customers want. For example, virtual answering services are quickly taking over the business space, and many argue that AI robots are a perfect replacement for human agents.

But there is plenty of argument for humans critical role in virtual answering services and why they are crucial in building relationships that lead to sales and conversions.

Check out the top four reasons humans are integral to virtual answering services:

  • Empathy and Emotional Connection

AI robots process information faster and more efficiently than humans; however, they lack the empathy and emotional connection humans desire. Human agents can read customers, provide empathetic support, and adapt their communication style to meet each caller's needs. This helps build more trust, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.Callers are more likely to relax and trust a company when they have humans to interact with and discuss their needs.

  • Complex Problem Solving

AI robots can quickly process information but can't handle complex or unique issues. On the other hand, humans can better understand unique circumstances by creating, thinking critically, and analyzing information quickly.

Humans are better able to understand the context that robots cannot. Providing this level of problem-solving ensures customers get the level of support they need. They don't have to worry about being misunderstood or frustrated when a robot doesn't understand.


  • Language and Cultural Nuances

Language is a way that humans share their uniqueness and bond. But the linguistic diversity can throw AI robots off, making it harder for them to understand and properly interpret. This can make it more difficult for some customers and make your business seem less culturally sensitive.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

The key to exceptional customer service is remaining agile and flexible. Customer needs change often, and humans can immediately adapt, whereas AI robots are inflexible and only offer one type of service. As a result, humans can better adapt to situations and provide customized solutions as customers need.

  • Trust and Security

Having a human handle sensitive information is the key to getting customers to trust you. When sharing personal information, many customers can feel less sure about sharing information if it’s not with a human that can ensure their privacy.


Embrace Easybee’s Difference: Why Your Business's Clients Need Real People

Humans are irreplaceable when it comes to virtual answering services. Humans are the key to providing exceptional customer support in complex or unique situations where a robot may struggle.

At Easybee Answering Service, we understand customers want that human touch. They need someone that can empathize with them, address their concerns, and provide tailored solutions.

If you’re ready to see what Easybee is all about, contact us and try our free 15-day trial.


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