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Why Lawyers Need the Support of a Virtual Receptionist?

If you are a lawyer, you must know that billable hours are the only hours where you are getting paid. However, if you are a decision maker in your business, you also know that a typical work day is not really 8 hours and that out of those 8 hours, you would be lucky if half of them were billable. Where do the rest of the hours go? Networking, marketing, administrative tasks, invoicing, continuous learning, and… answering calls. Lawyers that want to get ahead need help. This is where a virtual receptionist for lawyers comes in handy.

A virtual receptionist for lawyers is a great tool for any law firm. They can answer all your calls, 24/7, and screen them. They can follow different protocols for current clients, potential clients, miscellaneous calls, and important calls, like calls from the Courthouse. This frees you up to focus on more productive tasks and take on more business.

Missing a call from a potential client can be costly.

You are 391% more likely to close a lead if you establish contact with them in the first minute. Letting your leads go to voicemail because you are in consultations, court, or just going through paperwork is not doing you any favor. A virtual receptionist for lawyers can handle all incoming calls and schedule your leads, patch them through, or even do some light intake so your potential clients feel you are already committed to their case.

Taking a call from a current client can be costly.

Have you ever gotten a call from a potential client saying they wanted to “clarify something” and ended up staying half an hour on the phone with them? This is an issue all lawyers without a filter between them and their clients deal with. Even if you are using a law firm management software, a virtual receptionist for lawyers can be an excellent solution to put some space between you and your current clients while still providing exceptional customer service.

Whatever the call might be, you are probably better off by having a professional virtual receptionist for law firms answering the calls. Easybee is an answering service with a proven track record in the legal industry.

If you are looking for an answering service solution that is flexible, responsive, and conveniently priced, look no further than Easybee Answering Services. Our reputation across validated review platforms like TrustPilot and Clutch are a testament to the millions of calls we have processed and hundreds of satisfied customers that have used our answering service.


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