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13 Things About a Virtual Receptionist You May Not Have Known

Between the rise of VOIP (phone over internet) technology and the latest push for work from home dynamics and decentralized offices, the virtual receptionist industry has found its spotlight. Thousands of businesses of all shapes have rushed to add a virtual receptionist to the mix of tools and services that allow them to run a lean operation. As they have done so, they have the chance to discover some great things about having a virtual receptionist that they did not know below. We spoke with a few of our newer clients and got 13 things about a virtual receptionist that they did not know.


We have shared them with you below:

  1. Virtual Receptionists available 24/7/365 – at Easybee, we provide coverage 24/7/365 at no extra cost for holiday, nighttime, or weekend hours. Whenever your call comes in, we pick it up promptly and delivery our top-quality service!
  2. Virtual Receptionists are unique - your calls are not answered by a single operator. It is a team of operators that is trusted with answering your calls. Each operator is unique and have their own way of delivering exceptional service. To provide a better service, we can prioritize or deprioritize operators as you request to build a team that is in tune with your culture.
  3. Virtual Receptionist plans are designed to be cost effective – plans a Easybee have no “overage” costs. If you go over your base plan, we just keep charging the current rate. This allows you to keep low base rates and not overpay for excess minutes used.
  4. Virtual Receptionists are bilingual in English and Spanish – all Easybee operators are fluent in both English and Spanish. This lets you cover a wider market as Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US. A bigger market helps you grow your business rapidly!
  5. Virtual Receptionists develop industry specializations – at Easybee, we work with a variety of industries. Just like we prioritize operators based on their uniqueness and affinity with your culture, we also prioritize them based on their proficiency in different industries. When an operator can focus in one industry, their proficiency on the subject skyrockets. This, in turn, allows for calls with much better flow and a more confident operator.
  6. Virtual Receptionists are college educated – all operators at Easybee are either in college or college educated. We strive to look for people with professionalism and strong knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and listening skills.
  7. Virtual Receptionists are a part of a bigger team – behind one virtual receptionist, there are more virtual receptionists, a supervisor, a quality assurance specialist, a trainer, a human resource manager, an IT specialist, and more! This means that if an operator stumbles in a call, a team of people are at the operator’s disposal to solve any issues.
  8. Virtual Receptionists go through extensive training – an Easybee operator goes through a 5-week training until they are able to handle all calls. This minimizes errors from newer operators as they begin working your account.
  9. Virtual Receptionists can make outbound calls on your behalf – sometimes making an outbound call can take forever, even if it is relaying a quick message. Let us take care of those calls. It is likelier your clients will want to stay on the phone longer with you than us. We make your time efficient, so your business becomes more cost effective.
  10. Virtual Receptionists can schedule appointments for you – scheduling a lead for a consultation or a discovery call is a powerful way to show your business’s commitment to helping them. 
  11. Virtual Receptionists can do light intake – a lead that provides information to you is a lead that is committed to working with you. What is more, knowing a few details about what your potential client wants allows you to hit the ground running in your first meeting with them.
  12. Virtual Receptionists love to help – this sounds trivial, but it is true! At Easybee, we go to great lengths to find virtual receptionists that genuinely want to help. The key to growing your business is great service, and the key to great service is great people.
  13. Virtual Receptionists will help your business grow – with all you now know about virtual receptionists, you too can see that hiring a virtual receptionist is more than adding another expense to your books. A good virtual receptionist service, like Easybee, can help your business grown while being cost effective.

Learn more about virtual receptionists by signing up for a free trial with Easybee.




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