The Type of Virtual Receptionist your Law Firm Needs

The introduction of technologies such as cellphones, email, internet phones, and law management software has allowed for more attorneys to go solo or start small law firms with fellow associates. Answering services and virtual receptionists have been a key tool for these firms as they have taken on menial tasks so the attorneys can maximize their billable hours. With the advance of technology, however, there has also been a rise of virtual receptionists. Let’s evaluate how you can identify the best virtual receptionist for lawyers as you, too, look for the best solution for your business.

The best virtual receptionist for lawyers has to do more than just basic call answering and message taking. Some virtual receptionist companies stay away from tasks that go beyond this to keep things simple. Unfortunately, a tool that is too simple will not provide you with the benefit you need. As you look for the best virtual receptionist for your law firm, ask them if they can handle the following:


Sure, taking a message is great. Until you want to get back to the caller and they do not pick up and you enter a game of dreaded phone tag. A virtual receptionist service for lawyers that can schedule appointments can schedule potential clients in for an exploratory call or current clients for a follow up call, thus saving you time in returning the call. What is more, potential clients that are in a hurry are more likely to stick with your firm if they feel committed. Having a set date and time for an initial consultation is a great way to making your potential clients feel committed.

Outbound Calling

Most of the messages you get from current clients will likely be questions with a quick answer. “Did you get my paperwork?” “Was this filed?” “Any news from the opposing party?” etc. As you call your current client to provide them with an answer, you will likely be on the phone for more than 15 minutes as that one question became an entire interrogation! Some of these quick answers can be relayed through by a virtual receptionist. Be sure to find a virtual receptionist for law firms that can place outbound calls on your behalf.

Legal Knowledge

Answering services serve many industries. The industry thrived in the medical industry and with companies that required 24/7 answering, such as property management, plumbing, and HVAC companies. Today, answering services have evolved into virtual receptionist solutions for a wider list of industries. The best virtual receptionist for lawyers needs to have a strong focus in the legal industry and invest in continuous learning for their operators. Make sure the company you choose has spent the time and resources necessary training their operators to understand the legal terminology your callers will be using.

If you are looking for an answering service solution that is specific, responsive, and conveniently priced, look no further than Easybee Answering Services. Our reputation across validated review platforms like TrustPilot and Clutch are a testament to the millions of calls we have processed and hundreds of satisfied customers that have used our answering service. Easybee’s client base is composed over 70% by law firms and their operators are constantly trained to better serve the legal industry. Easybee is the best virtual receptionist for lawyers.

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