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How to Make Sure your Customers are Happy at the End of Every Call

Customer satisfaction can be tough to get when you don’t have the right pieces in place. Clients today want the best service no matter where they go. If they don’t get it, they will move on to another business that will provide better service.

Your service starts on the phone, believe it or not. If potential clients don’t feel satisfied after calling you, they typically won’t become a client.

So how do you make sure your customers are happy at the end of every call?

Here are some simple tips you can implement.


Don’t Keep them Waiting

Potential clients don’t like to be kept waiting. If you can’t answer your phones right away or have to put clients on hold often, consider outsourcing your calls. When a virtual receptionist company handles your calls, all client calls are answered right away and never put on hold.


Point them in the Right Direction

Whoever answers your phones should be able to provide the best service right off the bat. When a client asks a question or needs help, the person answering the phone should be able to direct them to where they need to go right away.

This goes back to decreasing their wait time and increasing the likelihood of instant gratification that most clients want.


Be an Active Listener

Clients call your business for a reason – let them tell you that reason without talking over them. When you do listen, make sure they feel like they are heard and that you aren’t just reading off a script to get them off the phone.


Ask for Feedback

Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. At the end of each call, consider asking your clients for their feedback. It should be a short and simple survey, but a way for them to voice their opinion about your service.

If they have issues with your customer service, listen to what they have to say and see what you can do to solve their pain points.


Outsource your Client Calls

If answering the phone isn’t something you can do efficiently 24/7, outsource your client calls. You don’t have to take on the overhead of hiring another employee, paying a salary and benefits. Instead, hire a virtual receptionist company to take care of the calls from their office.

Your clients won’t know the difference because the transition is seamless (and behind the scenes), but they will know they’re getting the best service.


Final Thoughts

Providing the best service on client calls is a top way to ensure your clients come back. Whether you’re fielding calls from potential or current clients, the service you provide is imperative. If clients feel ignored or unheard, they will give their business to your competitors.

If you’re finding it hard to provide great customer service and manage the other business tasks you have, let Easybee Virtual Receptionist help you. Our professionals answer the phones with the utmost professionalism and care to make sure your clients are 100% happy at the end of each call.

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