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Characteristics of a Successful Sales Call

The quality of your sales calls makes all the difference between a sinking and thriving business. If your sales representatives know how to sell, your business is victorious. If they don’t, your business is destined to drown. 

You can hire all the professionals you want, but if they don’t know how to entertain customers on the phone, they won’t be any good for your business. 

In this article, we discuss what are the elements of a great sales calls. We look into what your sales representative shouldn’t say, and what they should say. In the end, we take a glimpse into how you can make sales calls like a pro. 

Let’s dive in. 


What your sales representatives should NOT say

(and what they should say instead)

Believe us or not, small phrases and the selection of words are major determining factors of whether your calls succeed or not. Something as simple as “My name is” can make a huge difference.

Here are some things that your sales reps need to stop saying immediately. 


“My name is”

What could be the problem in saying this phrase, you ask? Well, it sounds way too professional and sales-y. Potential customers don’t want to hear from people who sound like robots following a script — they will only believe real people who sound like real people. 

What your reps can say instead is something like, “I’m John” or “It’s John”. This is something a real person would say, especially in the year 2021 where English is getting shortened to pieces. 


“How are you?”

Again, this sounds too professional, and to be honest, boring too. Customers are smart nowadays; they know you don’t care about how they are and you’re just asking about their health for the sake of asking. 

Instead, ask something less professional and boring. Maybe ask about the weather in their area — or the current traffic scenario in their neighborhood. In any case, it’s better to ask something less common. 


“I won’t waste much of your time”

By saying this, sales reps instantly make it obvious they’re going to waste the customer’s time. The person who doesn’t want to waste your time, won’t waste your time saying, “I won’t waste your time”. They will instantly get down to business rather than jiggling around with words. 

Instead, get down to the point immediately after the weather and traffic are out of the way. It will make the conversation more aligned with the 2021 style. 


“Good, good”

Saying such words with gaps between them give out a negative impression. If your sales rep does this, the customers will think he/she isn’t interested in the conversation and is making the call just because it’s his/her job. 

Instead, the rep should use phrases like “perfect!”, “that’s what I thought!” to boost engagement and build a sense of natural conversation. 


“You need to”

Why does this even end up in real sales calls? It makes no sense. The customer does not “need” anything from you. Saying something like this feels like you’re forcefully imposing your services down their throat. 

Instead, your reps should “suggest” something to the customer. The rep should naturally convey the message that how your product or service can make their life easier and better. 


How to make sales calls like a pro

It’s the year 2021. We don’t talk in a robotic fashion to the customers anymore. Today, customers prefer talking to people who are engaging, entertaining, and natural at the same time. 

The best advice we can give to any sales rep is to be as transparent as possible. Never use old-school, sales-y jargon in today’s sales calls — they don’t work anymore. Instead, try to convey your message as naturally as possible, while explaining the benefits of your product or services at the same time. 


In the end, suggest the customer purchase from you and tell them how this purchase is going to be valuable for them. 

Final thoughts

Making successful sales calls is a tough job — and not every sales rep can handle it. 

If you’d like to have professional help with your sales calls, feel free to get in touch with us. We have a large team of professional sales reps who can call your customers and sell them stuff like blowing it in thin air.

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