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How to Open Sales Calls to Increase the Chances of a Sales Conversions

The first impression you give a client can say a lot and determine whether you make the sale. A bad first impression can send potential clients running to your competitors, but a good impression may help close the deal and give you a new loyal customer.

So how do you ensure your sales calls increase sales conversions? 

Follow these simple tips.

Make your Opening Warm and Inviting

Potential customers want to know that you want their business and aren’t just looking at your bottom line. Instead, they’re looking for someone to make them feel welcome and slowly acclimate them to the business.

Think of how you feel when someone is attentive and kind. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, right? That’s what your sales calls should open like, except with an air of professionalism. You must find the balance between warm, comforting, and professional to reel in new customers.


Be as Personable as Possible

When talking with sales leads, you want it to be personable. So memorize their name before calling them, and use it often. There’s something magical about hearing someone call your name rather than calling you sir or madam.

Again, you must have professionalism in the call, so use the person’s name when appropriate, but don’t overuse it. You want them to feel like the call is personal yet professional.


Add in Small Talk

It’s okay to talk about something other than the reason for their call. Making small talk puts everyone at ease and makes the conversation go easier. Ask them about the weather where they’re located or any little details you know about them. For example, if you know they have kids, ask questions about them or anything else that comes up.

When you make the conversation more personable, the caller will likely feel more comfortable and willing to close the sale.


Don’t Miss Important Calls

Another important tip is to never miss sales calls. While this may feel like you must be on call 24/7, there are ways around it. For example, outsourcing your sales calls to a virtual receptionist company ensures your calls are answered 24/7, and no customer is left listening to a voicemail when they are ready to give you business.

A virtual receptionist is the key to not missing out on key business and having reputable professionals handling your sales calls 24/7.


Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to try a virtual receptionist to outsource your sales calls, contact Easybee today. Our professionals have the necessary training to handle sales calls and close deals. We are professional, personal, and know all the right things to say at the opening of the call to turn potential clients into loyal customers

Try out our services with our free 15-day trial, or contact us today to learn how we can help you with your sales calls and never miss a sale again!

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