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4 Things To Know About Attorney’s Answering Service Before Hiring One


Solo practitioners and small firms (2-9 employees) comprise the majority of the legal profession. The American Bar Association reports that, though they are poised to adapt quicker to technology changes, they are also relatively slow at adopting new technologies. Firms that are reluctant to change with the times are slowly finding themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

One way to remain competitive is through hiring an attorney answering service. The implementation of such service is quick and easy and the benefits are fantastic. A good virtual receptionist service for lawyers can ensure that you do not miss a call as you tend to more important tasks such as reviewing paperwork, meeting with clients, or attending hearings. While you do what you do best, a team of virtual law receptionists can be answering your calls, doing light intake, taking messages, and even scheduling consultations. An attorney answering service is paramount for any small firm and solo practitioner.

Before hiring a virtual receptionist service for lawyers, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

1. Be open to streamline your operation

Though an answering service can do a good job at just taking a message, they are merely delaying your tasks if that is all they do. By setting up a scheduling solution, such as, you can have your virtual law office receptionists schedule call backs or consultations. This way, you avoid playing phone tag with potential leads and they feel more committed to doing business with you.

2. Stop pampering your current clients

If you are a solo practitioner, it is likely your current clients have developed the dreaded habit to call you every time they have a question. You did not become a lawyer to provide free legal advice on demand. Having an attorney answering service provides a filter between calls that you want to take and calls from people that can wait. Be sure to know how to adequately differentiate these calls and inform your legal virtual receptionist service so they make the appropriate script changes.

3. Look for a service with good reviews

There are a lot of virtual receptionist services out there. Only a few invest constantly in improving and training their staff to elevate their quality. Services like Easybee Answering Services have excellent review on trusted platforms like Trustpilot and Clutch as a result of constant improvement of their labor force.

4. Se habla español

There is a growing Spanish speaking market that you need to tap into. Finding an attorney answering service that can provide bilingual answering services provides a boost in the range of clients and cases you can take on. This is particularly vital for law firms that focus on immigration.

For any law firm, an attorney virtual receptionist is important as it helps improve your phone customer service and streamline your operation. Taking the help of a legal virtual receptionist service can improve customer experience better than the previous one, increasing your brand’s reputation, and capitalizing on existing client opportunities followed by an increase in profits of the business.

If you too are looking for a legal receptionist for your small business then, consider Easybee’s virtual answering services. Easybee’s virtual receptionist focuses on providing services to the legal industry and will manage all the important calls and offer clients with best-quality service they need. Want to know more about how to develop your brand with Easybee?



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