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Here’s Why a Bilingual Answering Service will Retain your Current Customers.

Do you have a customer base that speaks Spanish? Are you trying to retain this customer base and increase your productivity?

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure your customer service team provides every customer the highest level of customer service. But when you have a bilingual customer base, that may not always be possible.

There’s a solution.

A bilingual answering service can help you provide top-notch customer service to every customer that calls, not just those that speak English. Outsourced virtual receptionists can communicate effectively in multiple languages, ensuring every customer feels seen and heard in your business.


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Why Consider a Bilingual Answering Service?


You might wonder why you’d worry about a bilingual answering service. After all, you have enough expenses and responsibilities on your shoulders, is this necessary?


If your customer base includes people that speak other languages, outsourcing your receptionist needs to a bilingual answering service is the best way to retain customers.


Think about what your customers want when they call. No matter their language, they want to feel like they are the most important part of your day. If you or your staff can’t communicate with them, how will they feel that way?


They won’t.


So here are the top three reasons to consider a bilingual answering service.


  1. Your customers can communicate in their native language.

When you started your business, you likely wanted your customers to feel comfortable doing business with you, right?


For people who don’t speak English as their first language, conversing in their native language makes them feel most comfortable. If your customers know they can converse with your business in their language and get answers, you will retain customers much easier.


2. You can build trust easier.

When English isn’t your customers’ first language, they can quickly feel vulnerable. If they can’t converse with someone in their language, they may feel like they aren’t getting the necessary answers. They may also feel unseen and unheard.

Many may not trust your company only because they don’t understand the answers you provide. 

When you have bilingual receptionists that can talk to your customers in their native language, it creates a level of trust that can’t be broken.

3. You’ll build a larger customer base


Word will spread if you can converse with your clients in their language. Unfortunately, not every company offers bilingual services, putting those that don’t speak English at a disadvantage.


If you use a bilingual answering service, providing customer service in the language your customers need, they’ll spread the word with their friends and family, and you’ll naturally increase your customer base.


Final Thoughts

If you’re considering hiring a bilingual answering service for your business, consider Easybee. We offer a large selection of bilingual virtual receptionists ready to help your business grow.

We offer a great 15-day free trial so you can see how easily we intergrate with your business and hep your customers in the language they want to speak to you.

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