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How CEOs Balance Work and Life to Promote their Business Growth


The incoming wave of Millennials and Gen-Zers into the workplace has raised a number of questions regarding motivation, commitment, and productivity in the workplace. We are more aware today of the stress a job can generate on our bodies and mind and how that impacts our health and ultimately affects the outcome of our productivity. This phenomenon has sparked movements such as the 4 hour work week, hybrid work modalities (on site or at home), and the development of spaces within the office where workers can cope with work better. 

Unfortunately, small business owners do not always get such breaks. Business owners tend to work several hats around their workplace and that keeps them busy around the clock. Time crunching techniques and scheduling their tasks are hard to achieve because they are often responding to unexpected situations; commonly known as putting out fires.

So what can they do? Are small business owners destined to live life on the fast lane and prioritize their work over their life? No. Read along to find some solutions on how business owners balance work and life to promote their business growth.

Find help

Seems obvious, and yet, at the same time seems like a farfetched idea. Administrative assistants, managers, and similar workers can be very expensive. However, help can come in several forms. Technology has advanced phenomenally and there is a system that automates virtually every process out there. Almost every industry has some sort of app or CRM that allows business owners within the industry to maximize their time and streamline their operation.

Set boundaries

If your clients get a hold of your cellphone number and you pick up after hours, you are implicitly letting them know you are there to answer any question around the clock. Though this may seem like a wonderful competitive advantage, it can also get very taxing very quick. It is a marathon, not a sprint. While you are solving the issues for a client who does not respect your boundaries, your competition is resting and trusting their operation to be able to harness more clients in the long run. Setting boundaries starts with setting a schedule.

Be very clear to your clients what your schedule is, set expectations early, and set protocols on how they can get to your schedule. There are great scheduling software solutions out there. A lot of them free. If one of your clients needs help, they can schedule a call with you at a time that you know you will be able to help them best.

Limit unexpected tasks

An unexpected task is any task that you were not planning to do but it crossed your path and now you are doing it. The most common unexpected task in the workplace? Phone calls. How many times have you been clicking on all cylinders doing some work just for a call to come in and get you off your groove? We understand that sending clients to voicemail looks terribly upon your operation. Nonetheless, a virtual receptionist service can be a great and cost-effective option for you to delegate the call taking of your business. A virtual receptionist service can handle your calls, take messages, schedule people, and patch calls that are emergencies.

You are not at your best when you are stressed or tired. Putting some of these recommendations in practice can set the difference that you are looking for between your competition and yourself. Being more present in your personal life will also mean you are more present at work. And by being more present at work you will undoubtedly promote your business growth.

To learn more about how a virtual receptionist service can help you, check out Easybee Answering Services. The Easybee team can be the help you need, can limit your unexpected tasks, and can help you set the boundaries that will allow you to live a more efficient day to day.

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