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How to Establish a Welcoming Business Greeting for Customers

A welcoming business greeting is like the first impression callers have of your business. If you don’t answer the phone with a welcoming greeting, it could turn off potential customers and send them elsewhere, which is the last thing you want.


So how do you establish a welcoming business greeting for customers?


How to Create a Welcoming Business Greeting

Creating a welcoming business greeting isn’t as hard as it seems. Here are four ways to make it easier for you and your employees.

  • Establish a Clear Greeting

Make your greeting clear, so customers know who they’re calling. They want to feel reassured the moment they call and not frustrated or flustered. Make sure everyone that answers the phone is upbeat, helpful, and able to handle the calls by answering questions or transferring them to the appropriate department.

  • Keep it Short

You want your callers to feel welcomed, not overwhelmed. Don’t make the greeting so long that they forget who or why they called. Make the greeting directed at the caller’s needs but short and sweet. Remember, your customer took time out of their day to call your business. They have other things to attend to and want to wrap up the business as quickly as possible.


  • Make it as Human as Possible

Customers don’t like calling businesses and talking to robots. They don’t want to press buttons or answer robotic questions. They want to talk to a human, so try to make every aspect of calling your business as humanized as possible, including the greeting.

Sometimes voicemail isn’t avoidable, but if you can, avoid it at all costs. Customers aren’t likely to leave a voicemail and may even go to a competitor, so having a human always answer the phones is critical.

  • Thank Customers

An important part of the greeting is to thank the customer for contacting your business. If you kept them on hold, apologize for the delay and immediately get to their questions or needs. Make sure they feel seen and heard and that anyone talking to them is empathetic. 


Examples of a Welcoming Business Greeting

Of course, every business will have different greetings because they have different audiences, but here are some simple greetings you can customize to your liking.


  • Hi there! Thanks for calling {company name}. How can I help you? 

  • Hello! We’re glad you called {company name}. Let me know how can I help you.

  • Thank you for calling {company name}; I’m here to help you today. What can I do

  • Hello! Thank you for calling {company name} today; where should I direct your call


Final Thoughts

The key is to have a human answer your phones and provide the first impression for callers. Unfortunately, Voicemail is impersonal and can turn callers off. If you can’t get to the phone all the time, consider hiring a virtual receptionist to handle your calls and provide a welcoming greeting that makes your customers feel important. Contact Easybee today. 

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