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How Can You Increase Client Referrals For your Small Business

Client referrals are the backbone of your business, and it all starts with the level of customer service you provide existing customers. Making your current customers feel appreciated will increase your chances of being referred to others.

Why Client Referrals are Important

You always want to grow even if you have a large customer base. However, there’s no guarantee your current customers will stick around forever, and if you want to expand or make more money, you’ll need more customers.


Many people rely on the product and service reviews of others. For example, most people check online reviews or talk to someone who has used the products or services to get their opinion before trying a new business.


Good client referrals could be the basis of your company’s growth and could make or break your bottom line. 

3 Ways to Get More Client Referrals

If client referrals are so important, how do you get more? Here are three tried-and-true ways.

Make your current customers feel valued

If you want your customers to refer others to your company, they must feel valued by you and your business. They should feel like you go above and beyond to help them with their needs. The level of customer service should feel so special that your customers want to share this news with others. The better you treat your customers, and the more you go above and beyond, the more likely they will tell others about you, even if they didn’t ask.

Provide rewards for customer referrals

If your current customers refer someone to your business, reward them. Give them exclusive discounts or gift cards for referring new businesses. You could also offer a token gift for customers that leave a review. Make sure to tell them to leave an honest review so that it doesn’t look biased, but the positive reviews can help you with your marketing efforts on your website and third-party sites.

Ask for reviews and referrals at the right time

Don’t ask for reviews or referrals when you have an upset customer. Instead, know when and when not to ask for them. If you have an unhappy customer, do what you can to make things right. When you go above and beyond and make them feel special, then ask for reviews or referrals to grow your business.

Final Thoughts

Client referrals are the key to growing your business, and there are many ways to get them, but it starts with great customer service.Ensuring you answer your phones immediately, provide your customers with the answers they need, and go above and beyond to make them feel special. 

With great customer service, you can ensure you get the most out of your current customers, and so they refer to you others. If your customer service levels struggle, consider hiring a virtual receptionist to handle your calls, giving your customers a friendly voice to help them immediately. This simple step could help your business grow.

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