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How to Optimize your Business' Payment Processing to Convert Happy Clients

No matter your business type, you likely have to accept payments. If the process is difficult or time-consuming for your customers, they will probably go elsewhere. Everyone today is busy, and when they’re met with difficulty, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

So how do you ensure your payment process is simple?

Here’s how.


Allow Various Payment Methods

Allowing only one type of payment can cost you customers. Not everyone pays the same way. For example, some people love contactless payments, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, but others don’t even have smartphones.


Find ways to please all customers so everyone can pay how they are most comfortable, and you’ll quickly increase customer satisfaction.


Enable Recurring Billing

If you want to ensure you always receive payments on time, enable recurring billing. Not only will you avoid missed payments, but you’ll also increase customer satisfaction. When you can take one more task off your customer’s shoulders, they’ll appreciate you. 


In addition, not having to track when their bill is due is something most customers will take advantage of and ensures you have long-term customers.


Increase your Payment Security

Online payments create risks of fraudulent activity, but there are plenty of ways business owners can protect their customer’s information:

  • Enable two-factor authentication – This makes it more difficult for hackers to get into anyone’s account. For example, if the second factor is sent to the customer’s phone or email, hackers may not have access to the information and can’t hack the account.


  • Get card verification codes – You can enable card verification codes that are exclusive codes sent to the customer’s email or phone number on file. The purchase can't go through if they can’t produce the code. This is another way to deter thieves.


Hire Virtual Receptionists to Assist with Payment Processing

Most payment methods can be fully automated and do not need human interaction, but your customers may need it. When they know they have a trustworthy human on the other end of the line ensuring their payment goes through, they’ll feel better about doing business with you.


Virtual receptionists can also be there to answer questions or sidestep problems customers have with payments. Without someone to talk to immediately, customers could take their failed payment and go to your competitors, who may offer more customer support to help with payment issues.


Final Thoughts

Customer service doesn’t stop after you make the sale. Customers need help throughout the entire process, which means providing human support to ensure your customers have what they need.


You give customers what they need by putting in place more security options, offering various payment methods, and enabling recurring billing. When customers are happy, they are more likely to remain loyal and even refer your business to their friends and family.


If you’re ready to hire a virtual receptionist to assist with your payment processing, contact Easybee today.

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