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How to Train Virtual Receptionists to Take Calls from Various Industries

At Easybee Answering Services, we take pride of answering calls for a variety of industries. We are often asked how we are able to provide great service when operators may have to deal a call from a law firm, a property management company, an accounting firm, and a HVAC company all within the same hour.

The concept is simple: professionalism and good customer service are universal. The back end is not so simple. In this article we will revisit some key elements that allow us to answer calls from different industries with exceptional customer satisfaction.

Set expectations

Whether it is for the operators, for the callers, or for our clients, we always look to set expectations from the get-go. The operators are not the best person to take the call. Our clients are. However, their time is more valuable and therefore they must trust our operators to take their calls to maximize their efficiency.

Considering this, an operator can only do so much. This is why in the call, operators are trained to also set correct expectations to the caller. Saying what you can do, instead of going into what you cannot do, tends to ease friction during a call. For example, if a caller is asking about something technical and the operator does not know the answer, instead of looking for it online while they stammer, we recommend the operator specifying what they can do. For example, “I am sorry, I am not the best person to answer that for you. However, let me take a message and have someone from our team reach back to you with an answer.”

Great Message Taking

As we mentioned previously, dead ends on calls tend to be solved through taking a message for our client. Though this may not be the outcome the caller was looking for, using a courteous and professional tone yields very successful results. Saying something as simple as “the best person to answer that question is X. Please let me take a message and have them get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.” In the mind of the caller, they are being taken care of and this buys our client time to get back to them. It is also important that upon taking the message operators double check spelling of key elements and explain prior to asking for that or other details. For example, if an operator is taking down information from a particular legal case, they can say something like “I am sorry, I do not handle your case. Let me double check some details with you to make sure I am taking down the correct information.” This sets a great tone to then spell check the case reference number and other details like the courthouse and opposing party name.


This is something we cannot teach, but something that we take pride of. Unlike other answering services, we take pride of our low employee rotation. Easybee employees are committed to being answering service representatives and choose to build a career with us. Overtime, these employees learn from each call experience they get. This allows them to be seasoned over several topics. Experienced operators know how to get the most out of each call and what questions to ask. This lets Easybee provide a service that goes above and beyond other answering service providers.

Professionalism and courteousness are universal. These are the foundations of how we take calls for a variety of industries. When we top this off with seasoned operators, we get a mix of people that can provide customer service that is beyond our competition.

Regardless of the industry you are in, you can trust that Easybee will find a way for handling your calls effectively and that our service will only get better as we go.

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