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The Importance of Your Phone Customer Satisfaction

As the digital era keeps advancing and millennials and newer generations are taking over markets, businesses are making the mistake of not providing quality phone customer service.

In a report by BrightLocal, 60% of customers prefer to contact a local business, they found online, through the phone. Even millennials find it important that businesses have a strong phone presence.

Having an effective phone customer service immediately provides benefits to your business and your customers. Let us look at the benefits that phone calls and human to human interaction can offer:

Resolution of complex cases

Have you ever stumbled into a webform or FAQs sheet just to find that your situation is not explicitly addressed? Don’t you wish that sometimes you could just talk to someone to explain what is going on and have them guide you? If you recognize this feeling, you are not alone. Your customers probably run into the same issues when trying to find information about your business. Having a strong phone presence ensures your customers are well taken care of.

Efficiency and immediacy

Time is money. Your clients know this. Going off our previous example, no one likes to spend their time looking for answers through countless browser tabs. Again, a strong phone presence allows your customers to feel their case is being taken care of immediately.

Image and trust

Today’s customers are smart and more tech savvy. They know whenever they are chatting with a bot. Just as they might feel like they are not going anywhere by sending an email or leaving a voicemail, your customers will not be satisfied by opening a case through an app. Having a live person over the phone providing a reassuring solution to their issues provides them with a sense of accountability on your business. This develops trust and your business embodies a stronger image.

You now realize that you need to improve your Phone Customer Satisfaction, where do you start?

With rising labor costs, you may feel like having someone manning the phones might expensive. However, by hiring a Virtual Receptionist Service, you can ensure your phones are answered promptly and professionally 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-office staff. A Virtual Receptionist Service can take messages, answer FAQs, schedule appointments, open support tickets, fill out webforms, and more.

For your business, a virtual receptionist is important as it helps improve your phone customer service. Taking the help of a small business virtual receptionist can improve customer experience better than the previous one, increasing your brand’s reputation, and capitalizing on existing client opportunities followed by an increase in profits of the business.

If you too are looking for a virtual receptionist for your small business then, consider Easybee’s virtual answering services. Easybee’s virtual receptionist will manage all the important calls and offer clients with best-quality service they need. Want to know more about how to develop your brand with Easybee?


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