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It’s Time to Drop the Phone

Think back to your last few weeks at your business. What did you spend most of your time doing? Now think back to the pandemic. Again, what did you spend most of your time doing?

If you’re like most business owners, you said ‘helping customers on the phone.’ You probably think call handling is the best thing you can do since you’re helping customers, right? But at what cost?

If you spend all your time on the phone, it’s an opportunity cost for any other tasks you can do as a business owner, and guess what? It could be costing you money. Here’s why.

Time Management Becomes Impossible

When you’re constantly at the beck and call of the phone ringing, you cannot possibly get your necessary work completed.You either burn the candle at both ends, working so much that you can’t enjoy life, or you let certain tasks go. Neither option is good for you personally or professionally.

Time management is necessary to run a successful business. Yes, your customers need your attention, so you make sales, but other areas like inventory management, bookkeeping, and marketing need your attention too.

Not being able to block out specific times for certain tasks could make your business less successful.


You Lose Focus

When you’re constantly pulled in different directions, it’s easy to lose focus. Maybe you started with your bookkeeping or inventory management, but then the phone rang, a problem was brought to your attention, and it just unfolded from there.

It’s like a domino effect. One thing takes your attention away from important tasks, and everything else follows, leaving that important bookkeeping task waiting for your attention.


A Phone Handling Service can Help

So how do you solve the problem of helping customers AND running your business? You need a phone handling service or a company that will handle the calls for you.

When you know your calls are handled by professionals that will deal with your customers, in the same manner, you would, you can feel good about putting your attention in the other areas of your business that need it.

When you hire out for call handling, you don’t have to worry about managing full-time employees, paying their benefits, and dealing with the additional paperwork hiring employees causes.

Instead, you let professionals handle your phone calls with ease, while you make sure your business runs well as a whole.


Final Thoughts

Don’t let the phone ruin your time management and focus. Your customers are important, and you can recognize that, but it doesn’t have to be you answering every phone call. If you let the phone calls take up your time, the rest of your business will suffer.

Instead, hire a qualified phone answering service that you can trust to handle your phone calls like a professional, offer bilingual options, and help you increase your company’s efficiency and potentially your bottom line.

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