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How Much Does Easybee’s Answering Service Cost per Month

No business has an unlimited supply of financial resources to spare. It’s important to spend your money in the cleverest way possible to make the most out of it. 

If you’re considering partnering up with a phone answering service to cut down on your in-house phone answering expenses, you’re on the right track. This venture will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

If Easybee is on your list of shortlisted phone answering services, good job! However, you may be wondering about the cost of this partnership. As you haven’t worked with Easybee before, your concerns are valid. 

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to help you figure out the monthly cost of Easybee’s services. Before we begin, be noted that the cost of Easybee’s services varies drastically based on your chosen services and the volume of calls, so we won’t be giving an exact number on how much Easybee costs — but we’ll help you calculate that on your own. 

Let’s get started. 


The fact that your clients are happy is priceless!

First of all, let us give you a crucial piece of information. No matter the cost of a phone answering service, if it makes your customers happy — it’s worth it. That’s because making new customers every day does not drive long-term success for your business. Instead, building brand loyalty does. 

No matter the cost, you need to keep your existing clients happy so they keep coming back to you, as well as market your services to their friends and family. That’s the best way to set up long-term growth as a thriving business. 


We don’t exceed your budget

Easybee is the most affordable phone answering service you can ever find. Period. 

This is attained through a mix of the latested technology for our scripting tool and high quality labor from our nearshore operation.

We have aimed to provide our services to every small and medium business on the market. To achieve that goal, we have kept our prices as low as possible. 

That doesn’t mean our services are “cheap” 

Even though our services are the most affordable in the market, that doesn’t mean our work is “cheap”. We’re one of the best-perceived phone answering services out there, thanks to our top-of-the-line capabilities. 

We don’t plan to dial down the quality of our services to make more profit in the future. We have industry leading supervisor to employee ratio as well as answer times due to our plentiful staffing.


Pay only for what you get

We have a variety of plans of all sizes for you. However, we encourage clients that want to pay only for what they will use to sign up for a smaller plan and pay for overage. Unlike other answering services, we do not charge extra for overage! For example, our 100 minute plan is $109, that is $1.09 per minute. If you happen to go over the 100 minute usage, we do not charge extra, we only keep billing at a rate of $1.09 per minute. Unbeatable flexibility!

Our business model is especially useful for small and medium businesses that don’t have the budgets to spend on an expensive phone answering service with a fixed monthly fee committment. Instead, the business only has to pay for the exact amount of service they get from us, which eventually saves them a lot of funds in the initial stages when there are not a lot of customers. 


Check out our plans at 


A final word

Cost is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to partnering with a third-party firm. However, while you’re talking about Easybee, one of the most well-perceived phone answering services out there, the cost is not a big concern!

That’s because we have a flexible pricing model that adapts to your needs and requirements. You only pay for what you get — nothing more, nothing less. 

Combine that with the fact that Easybee has got tons of positive reviews from our earlier clients, you got yourself an affordable phone answering service that won’t break your bank!

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