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More Than Just an Answering Service: Extra Benefits Easybee Can Add To Your Business

Using a virtual assistant or a phone answering service can immediately add a lot of value to any small business. Using an experienced virtual assistant or phone answering service can immediately add exponentially more value to the same business. This may sound logical, but in the answering service industry, experience or niche solutions can provide an outstanding differentiator from one answering service to the next. Let’s look at how Easybee can go above and beyond in being more than just an answering service for you.

At Easybee Answering Services, we handle hundreds of clients from virtually any industry. We have worked with clinics, legal firms, property managers, and even precious stones dealers. However, the bulk of our client base is comprised of small businesses and independent professionals in the legal industry. To be precise, over 72% of our clients are Attorneys, Notaries, or Law Firms. This has allowed us to develop specific skills and best practices to elevate the service we provide to our clients depending on the industry they belong to.

Let’s look at the legal industry, for example. Operators that are selected to answer calls for the legal industry call group receive specific legal training on top of the basic virtual receptionist training. This training covers vocabulary, language, and general legal concepts that helps them build better criteria to answer legal calls. By no means they are ready to be your next paralegal, but they can certainly operate a call with much better flow and quality than an operator who has not been trained on such topics.

Aside from experienced operators, by working with Easybee you also get to access the knowledge base of management staff who has developed hundreds of scripts for other law firms. As a staff member at Easybee that helps set up scripts, I have personally been witness to which legal software integrates best with an answering service, or which scheduling tool is most effective. We have the privilege of identifying best practices which have proven effective with other people in the industry. We can recommend what has worked best to convert leads or how to keep your current clients happy without taking unscheduled calls from them.

Just like we have amassed all this knowledge on streamlining a legal firm operation over the use of a virtual receptionist service, we have identified the same best practices across different industries.

Choosing Easybee goes beyond choosing a Phone Answering Service, it is like choosing a strategic partner. We do more than answering calls, we are directly related to your customer service KPIs, lead conversion metrics, and the efficiency of your work staff. Be sure to try out our services by signing up to our two-week free trial.




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