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The Secret to Business Success: A Virtual Answering Service’s Impact on Customer Retention

Businesses need high customer retention rates to succeed. Research shows that repeat business customers are more profitable and have a higher lifetime value than new customers.

It makes sense since new customers need to get acclimated, and you must earn their trust. Your repeat customers already trust you and are likely to spend more with you.

So how can a virtual answering service increase your customer retention? Keep reading to learn more.


24/7 Availability

Business owners can’t be there 24/7 for customers; it’s not humanly possible. A virtual answering service, however, can be there for customers around-the-clock. A team of virtual receptionists can work different shifts, covering all the bases and ensuring someone always answers your calls.


Customers can still get the necessary support even when your business isn’t open. Around-the-clock availability can help retain customers because they’ll trust you more and know you’ll always be there for them.


Personalized Service


A virtual answering service provides your customers with the personal touch they desire. Without voicemail, automated systems, or cold chatbots, customers can speak directly to a live agent and feel supported.

The human touch can increase customers' trust and loyalty in your business. Knowing they will always reach a human and not chat with AI can be the edge you need on the competition.


Fast Response Time

Customers today expect answers instantly. They don’t want voicemail, chatbots, or to be passed around to different people until they get their answer. Instead, customers want instant answers, and a virtual answering service can offer them.

When you hire a virtual answering service, you can provide customers with answers instantly, ensuring they have human contact and not a computer or voicemail. As a result, customers will feel more supported, and you’ll likely increase your customer base while putting your time to the best use.


A Professional Image

When humans answer your phone, you project a more professional image than if a bot answers the phone. Trained receptionists can provide your customers the support they need, ensuring they get top-notch service each time they call.

When customers know they will talk to a human, it creates a more positive image for your business, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Save Time and Money


A virtual answering service is a more cost-effective solution for improving customer retention. You don’t have the overhead of onboarding new employees, maintaining equipment, and paying for supervision. Instead, a virtual answering service is available 24/7, providing the same level of support without the cost.


You’ll save time and money while ensuring your customers have the support they need, allowing you to improve customer retention and profitability.


Final Thoughts

A virtual answering service can be the answer to increasing customer retention and growing your business. With 24/7, personalized, and efficient customer support, your customer base will learn to trust your business and refer you to others.

If you’re ready to grow your business with the least investment required, contact Easybee today to see how easy it is to build a business for long-term success.

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