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4 Tips to Connect with Different Types of Clients

Not all clients that call your business will be the same. Yes, you have a target audience, but people within that target audience will be different and have different needs. The key to succeeding is understanding what each type of client needs.


Connecting with any client who calls your business is important. Here are the top ways to connect with different types of clients, no matter what problems they bring.

Call the Customer by Name

Always call customers by their names. If you don’t know, ask and repeat it after they tell you. Using their first name makes the call feel more personal and less about the sale. You can empathize with the customer and make them feel like you understand by using their first name.

Continually repeat their name throughout the call to make the call personal. This also allows you the ability to help the customer even more.

Always be Positive

Even if you don’t relate with the customer or don’t understand what they’re asking, be positive. For example, if they are frustrated, angry, or even yelling, try to keep a positive attitude.

Always tell the customer you understand what they’re saying and why they are upset. Also, assure them you’ll do whatever it takes to help them resolve their problem and always follow up to ensure they are 100% satisfied.

At all costs, avoid any negative connotations or being aggressive with customers. That will only lead to lost sales.

Let Customers’ Voices be Heard

Always let the customer talk. Even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying, let them vent their thoughts. The more you let them talk, the better they’ll feel about the situation even before you try to resolve it.

Letting them know they are heard by confirming what they’re saying and telling them you will find a resolution may help them settle down and allow you to find a solution.

Have Bilingual Receptionists

It’s always good to have at least one person able to talk to customers who don’t speak English as their first language. This helps those customers feel more at ease because they aren’t struggling to get their thoughts across to you.

At Easybee, calls are answered, on average, within 11 seconds by a joyful agent that has been trained to be friendly and helpful. Easybee operators then take clear messages and follow your instructions so that your callers can get a resolution in little time.


How can Easybee help

If answering the phones is too much for you as you run your business, consider a virtual receptionist service.

At Easybee, we have a large team of virtual receptionists that know how to handle all types of customers. Each of our receptionists is trained to help customers when they are mad, sad, frustrated, and even happy.

We take great messages, help calm customers down, and know how to find resolutions that your company would want. When you know your customers’ problems are handled without you even needing to pick up the phone, you can easily manage your business better, allowing it to grow. 

If you would like to learn more about how Easybee can help your business, feel free to contact us  through our website here.

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