Why do Law Firms Need a Call Answering Service?

Law firms are among the top companies that benefit from a live answering service. You might not think of it because the representatives aren't lawyers, but they can help your business provide the highest level of customer service, increasing your bottom line.

If you haven't considered a call answering service for your law firm. Here are four reasons to change your mind.


1. You Won't Miss Calls

Missing a call could mean losing business. When potential clients call a new law firm, they want to talk to a live person. They likely move on to the next law firm if they get voicemail or an automated system.

You'll never miss a call with a live answering service, which could lead to more clients. A knowledgeable representative will take a detailed message and/or point the caller in the right direction, providing the help they need.


2. You Can't Help Clients in Person and on the Phone at the Same Time

You can't be everything to everyone at once. If you have clients in person, you want to give them your undivided attention. But when the phone rings, it could be clients that need your help or potential clients.

Knowing a virtual receptionist is handling your calls allows you to focus on the clients in front of you while still managing your phone calls.


3. Fewer Distractions

Running a law firm requires a lot of attention. When the phone rings constantly, you can be diverted from your task, making it harder to get your jobs done. Knowing someone capable will answer the phone and provide the answers your clients need is essential.

Even if your clients leave a message, they'll feel a lot better leaving it with a live person who they know will pass the message along to you promptly.

4. Lawyer/Client Relationships are Based on Trust

Trust is a crucial factor in any lawyer/client relationship. Clients will likely go elsewhere if you come off as untrustworthy, flaky, or hard to get a hold of. On the other hand, they must know you will handle their phone calls in a timely fashion and that they can get their questions answered when they need them.

Knowing a human will answer the phone and tell them what they need to hear is often enough. Even if it's not the lawyer themselves answering the call, having reputable representatives handle the situation is the key to a trusting relationship.



Final Thoughts

If you're a lawyer that's tired of missing calls or you feel like you're burning the candle at both ends, let Easybee help. Our representatives help with message taking, call transfers, appointment scheduling, lead collection, and more.

Our representatives work with you to understand your law firm's needs, providing your clients with a service you can trust. So you don't have to burn the candle at both ends or risk losing clients anymore, call Easybee today to get started.


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