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Why Virtual Receptionists are Necessary for Small and Medium Businesses

Have you ever thought about hiring a virtual receptionist? Maybe you haven’t said the words, but you’ve thought, ‘how will I ever get all this work done when the phone rings constantly?’

This is a sign that you need a virtual receptionist, someone available 24/7 to handle your customer calls so you can focus on operating your business.


The top reasons to consider hiring a virtual receptionist

You Can’t Finish Tasks you Started

How often have you started a task only to be interrupted by a phone call? Before you know it, that one phone call snowballs into many, and soon the day is over, and you got nothing done.

Starting and not finishing tasks isn’t conducive to your business model. Whether trying to maintain a status quo or grow your business, you need time to focus on other tasks while knowing someone qualified has your phone covered.

A virtual receptionist service can take care of all calls 24/7 while you handle the other tasks your business requires.

You Need Personalized Customer Service

How many calls have you sent to voicemail or left on hold lately? 

This usually doesn’t bode well with customers. They either go to a competitor or just don’t call back. In short, you could lose business because you didn’t answer the phone.

A virtual receptionist provides personalized customer service to ensure every caller gets the attention they need. As a result, your customers will have answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and top-notch customer care each time they call.

You Won’t Miss Appointments or Sales

How frustrating is it to find out you missed a call that could have resulted in an appointment or sale?

Because you can’t do it all, you need someone dedicated to answering your phones, making appointments, or selling. Rather than paying the high cost of salary, employer taxes, and benefits, you can work with an answering service that outsources your receptionist needs without sacrificing any service.

Billing Problems are Handled Immediately

Billing problems can result in lost sales if someone doesn’t address them immediately. If a customer has a problem with billing and no one answers their call, they’ll typically abandon the sale and move on to something else.


Final Thoughts 

Small and medium businesses need virtual receptionist services to keep up sales and stay on top of everyday tasks. Even small missed tasks can add up to poor customer service and lost sales, but with the help of a qualified answering service, you don’t have to worry about losing sales

At Easybee, we offer a shared resource in your receptionist services. This means you pay much less than you would if you hired a receptionist directly. In addition, the scaling this allows ensures small and medium-sized businesses have the resources they need to operate successfully.

If you would like to learn more about how Easybee can help your small to medium business contact us today to learn more through our website.

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