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How Easybee’s Virtual Receptionists Can Help Your Real Estate Business

A real estate professional experiences nothing short of hectic days during busy seasons. They spend their days hunting down new clients, fulfilling requests for showings, scheduling closings and orchestrating negotiations between the buyer and seller of each home on their list.

Being successful requires lots of knowledge of the industry and area neighborhoods and a big collection of contacts and connections. Because real estate agents are so often out in the field fulfilling their job responsibilities, they aren't always around to answer phone calls, and that's where a virtual receptionist can help.

1. A Virtual Receptionist is Cost-Effective

Think of it this way: Hiring a full-time administrative assistant is going to cost a real estate business between $25-30k, annually depending on their experience and the going rate for the geographical area. And don't forget benefits and the time it takes to vet someone who's responsible and professional. All of this adds up to valuable time and money.

A virtual receptionist offers a cost-effective means for managing client calls and requests. Easybee, for instance, offers several plans designed to fit into a real estate office's budget and reflective of its needs. Whether the office needs someone to fill in for a temporary absence of a regular receptionist or the business needs someone more consistently, it can benefit from several plans, each with a set amount of minutes, designed to suit its individual staffing needs.


2. A Virtual Receptionist Lets You Focus on the Needs of Your Business

Instead of worrying about answering the phone while you're out showing a home, attending a closing or driving from house to house with potential clients, you can focus on your real estate business's daily needs and leave the administrative tasks in the hands of a capable virtual receptionist.


3. A Virtual Receptionist Keeps Your Customers Happy

A repeat customer is a happy customer, and real estate agents often rely on recommendations from others to keep their business successful. Imagine a new customer calls your real estate office to be met with a voicemail recording. Sure, they might leave a message, but when are you going to be able to get back to them? Tomorrow, maybe, or the next day? By the time you do, chances are they've moved on to another real estate agent, and that equates in lost business for you. Hiring a virtual receptionist ensures someone professional and knowledgeable is on the other end of the line when a new customer calls, and they can help address the caller's needs in a timely fashion.

Whether you have a growing real estate business or something smaller, you can benefit from hiring a virtual receptionist to help manage daily administrative task.



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