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3 Ways a Phone Answering Services Is Good for Your Employees

Studies have shown that only 30 to 50 percent of people who get a business' voicemail actually leave a message. This means if your phone's ringing faster than your receptionist can keep up, you may be missing leads and potential business revenue, and this is probably also stressful for your employees. Dealing with calls one after another for hours on end can leave you feeling worn out, overworked and frustrated, but it doesn't have to be this way. EasyBee's phone answering service can help you take the burden off the front desk and keep the lines moving. Here's how.

1. Fewer calls means less stress

Fewer calls isn't always a bad thing for your business, especially if your employees regularly have to deal with phone solicitations, hangups or people who have dialed the wrong number and are now very confused. It's hard to answer the phone in a sincere, cheerful voice when you've had three calls in the last hour trying to order a pizza because you're just one number off from the local pizzeria. Using a phone answering service means your calls are automatically screened, so when the phone rings, it's an actual person with an actual need your employees can help with.

2. A phone answering service makes happier employees

Employees who don't feel rushed are happier employees, and happier employees lead to better customer service. They're more likely to answer the phone with a smile — a technique to better engage your customers — and they're more likely to take the time to fully address customer concerns and questions, leading to a more satisfied client base.

3. It's easier for them to take time off

If you only have one or two people answering the phones for you, it's hard to ensure your employees can take time off when they want (or need) to without leaving customers hanging. EasyBee solves this problem by giving you access to an outside workforce you don't have to worry about. The next time your receptionist comes down with a nasty head cold or is planning a week away for a tropical vacation, neither one of you will be worrying about who's going to answer the phones.

If you're ready to help your employees and your business' bottom line, check out EasyBee's phone answering service. You can have them fill in during vacation season, help during your busiest time of the year or take calls all year long.


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