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3 Ways Smiling Impacts Phone Calls

You may have heard that virtual receptionists and customer service reps should always smile when talking on the phone, but you might wonder: Is that just something people say without any real proof, or does it really impact the outcome of the phone call? The answer may surprise you. The truth is, smiling does matter, and here are three reasons why:

Smiling Affects Your Vocal Tone.

When you smile while talking, your voice automatically sounds more positive and friendly. Don’t believe it? Try saying something negative while smiling. You’ll notice that your tone is more upbeat and positive than if you were saying it with a straight face or a frown.

At Easybee, each of our customer service professionals is trained to smile when speaking to customers or potential clients. It helps put your callers at ease and lets them know that a friendly person is going to help them solve their problem.

This tip isn’t limited to your virtual receptionists. Try it yourself: When you receive or make calls, decide beforehand to smile while you do it. The person on the other end can’t see you, but they will likely hear a difference in your inflection and tone.

A Positive Attitude Is Infectious

When you make a point to be positive during a phone interaction, the person on the other end of the line often takes your cue. Starting with a smile helps you achieve that.

This is especially true for customers who begin a call with a defensive, angry attitude. When they’re greeted with a smiling voice, it can be contagious and help to defuse any negative emotions coming through.

Easybee’s virtual receptionists are skilled at helping customers solve problems. Customers of plumbing or HVAC companies, for example, are often in need of emergency services and may be dealing with an unpleasant problem. Easybee’s team of virtual receptionists knows the right individuals at the company to contact for a service call, and in the meantime, they present a positive face to the customer to help ease their worries.

Smiling is a Great Mood Booster

Studies have shown that even forced smiling can trick your brain into feeling happy and boost your mood. Smiling spurs a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing specific hormones, including dopamine and serotonin, that are known to improve mood. Other research suggests that happiness can actually help build a stronger immune system. It doesn’t matter if the smile is genuine or not, because your brain doesn’t really know the difference.



When virtual receptionists boost their mood by smiling, it leads them to provide better customer service to your customers, resulting in ongoing success for your business.

Smiling is a simple, effective action that can help boost the mood of Easybee virtual receptionists, who are trained to provide professional and friendly customer service to clients. Easybee’s approach to customer service always begins with a smile, so clients and customers feel at ease.


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