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Answering Services for Real Estate Agents: How Outsourcing Calls Can Help You Close More Deals

Real estate agents must be able to close deals quickly and efficiently to remain profitable. But how do you manage phone calls, inquiries, and attracting potential clients without sacrificing your time with your current clients?

Real estate is a competitive industry where responsiveness is the key to success. If you aren't quick enough, you could lose deals to competitors. This includes answering inquiries and maintaining current clients to enhance your reputation in the industry.

The Three Top Ways Answering Services Optimize Real Estate Businesses   

  • Improve responsiveness

  • Increase lead generation

  • Enhance efficiency and productivity

When you answer calls instantly, potential and current clients quickly get the answers they need. 

 If an existing client calls that requires immediate attention, a reputable answering service can get the proper help immediately.
If potential clients call, you can have reputable agents answering their questions and scheduling appointments to increase the chance of growing your clientele. Real estate needs are typically immediate; if callers can't get answers right away, they'll go elsewhere.

When you’re answering only qualified leads, you increase the chance of your time spent resulting in sales.

Not all 'potential clients' are actual leads. Wasting time answering calls and qualifying leads takes time away from real estate agents' other essential tasks. With a dedicated team of professionals answering calls, determining which leads are legit, and scheduling appointments, you can increase productivity.

You’ll have more time to meet with clients without distraction, show properties, and handle all current clients' needs efficiently. 

When you aren’t distracted by the phone throughout the day, you can better focus on your current tasks, ensuring current clients have what they need and increasing productivity.



How Responsiveness Increases Business

Responsiveness is a critical factor in the real estate industry. Answering clients' needs instantly can give you an edge over the competition. Because the real estate industry is highly competitive and properties can sell in the blink of an eye, clients want a real estate agent that can handle their needs quickly and efficiently.

The simple act of having calls answered for you can free up several hours in your day, allowing you to provide the level of required responsiveness

Answering services for real estate agents is the key to a successful real estate business. Whether you need someone qualifying leads, answering current clients' questions, or forwarding calls, it can free up your day, allowing you to be more efficient and productive as a real estate agent.



Take your Real Estate Business to New Heights 



Real estate businesses that utilize professional answering services experience an average increase of 25% in overall client satisfaction.

Additionally, these businesses report a significant reduction of up to 30% in missed calls and a remarkable 40%.


Close More Deals and Connect with More Clients  with Easybee

At Easybee, our trained professionals offer top-notch real estate answering services, providing your clients the same level of service they'd receive from your company. Contact us today to learn how we can help increase your real estate business's productivity and profits. We offer a 15-day free trial to help you see, without commitment, how easy it can be. 


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