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4 Ways to Impress Your Customers

You can’t make a first impression twice, so it’s important to know how to impress your customers right the first time.

This applies to customers you see in person and who you talk to on the phone. Any interaction with your customers is a chance to impress them. Whether you answer the calls yourself or have a virtual receptionist handle them, there must be steps in place to impress your customers.

How to give customers the right impression

Anticipate Questions

Your customers will come to you with many questions. If you anticipate the most frequently asked questions and have answers ready, you won’t make them wait. That’s impressive.

Everyone today wants instant gratification, and if you can provide it, you’ll be more likely to give your customers a reason to return.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Customer service isn’t easy, but a positive attitude impresses even the most frustrated client. So regardless of your frustration, always be empathetic and show that you’re listening.

When responding to your client, reassure them that you’ll find a way to make them happy. Even if what they say isn’t true or tears down your business, remain positive, and the feelings will become contagious. Happiness brings more happiness, so the more positive you are on the call, the easier it will be to turn your frustrated client into a happy one.

Understand the Industry

Even if you’re a new company, your clients will likely have crazy questions. The more you know about the industry, the more they’ll look to you as a leader.

Be a good listener

Assuming you know what the client needs before fully listening to them is a turn-off. Instead, listen to them completely, trying to understand what they’re saying or trying to get across. Be empathetic, and always be polite.

It can be hard when they’re yelling or saying things about your company, but the better listener you are, the more impressed they’ll be with your business. Even if they were upset when they called, if you can find a way to satisfy them, they’ll likely be a loyal customer.


Final thoughts

If you can’t get to your phone calls on time and send them to voicemail, it’s time to consider a virtual receptionist. The right company will answer the calls immediately, provide excellent customer service, listen to your clients, and understand the industry.

At Easybee, you’ll find all these qualities and more in each of our receptionists. Our staff is highly trained in every industry and will learn your way of doing things so they can be an extension of your company.

Contact us today to learn more about our 2-week free trial  If you are ready to see how a virtual receptionist can change your business.

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