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Before Hiring an Answering Service: Meet Easybee’s Process

So you have made the decision that an answering service is what your business needs to get to the next level. That is great! An answering service can help you streamline your operation, rendering you more efficient, while it improves your customer service. At this point, you may have looked at different virtual receptionist providers but have yet to decide on one.  While we cannot speak for anyone else, we can give you a quick rundown on what Easybee’s onboarding process looks like and how it helps you transition seamlessly into adopting Easybee’s answering service with your operation.

The first thing we do at Easybee is offer a two-week free trial. While the free trial option has disappeared in the industry due to its high cost, at Easybee we believe that it is a great testament to our commitment to do things right. We trust our phone answering service skills so much, we do not mind going the extra mile to provide the two-week free trial. In fact, over 78% of clients who enroll in the two-week free trial end up staying. We always encourage our clients to use the two-week free trial to test our service and provide feedback so we can tailor their experience to make it the best we can.

After the two-week free trial is over, we share with you a report on how many calls and minutes were processed. Along with the report, we recommend a plan that fits your needs, and it is your decision whether if you want to start out on a higher or lower plan. One of our core values is flexibility and it is important for us that you feel like you can choose what works best for you with the knowledge we are open to share.

If you choose to continue, you are seamlessly onboarded as a client. The same level of attention we provided during the two-week free trial is provided moving forward and you are never bound to long term contracts or commitments. Our service is month to month and you can choose to drop it, upgrade it, or downgrade it with just 30 days notice. 

One thing we tell our clients through this entire process is to view us as part of your team. Why? Because we are! Share with us tidbits about your culture, your team, and details about your work environment. It is important that operators can feel part of your team and that are aware on what is happening with your company so that when a call comes in, the caller actually feels like they are calling your office.

We thrive on flexibility and transparency, and our onboarding process is proof of that. We want our clients to know that choosing Easybee for an answering service provider is like choosing an employee who is poised to be loyal and hard working. It will be a pleasure to be part of your team. If you are interested in trying us out, sign up for a two-week free trial!

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