3 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Virtual Receptionist

If you're running a busy law firm, chances are you spend a lot of time on the phone. Whether you have new or existing clients, they need to be able to reach you at any given time, and nothing is more frustrating than a missed connection and potential business opportunity because you were litigating in court while a new client tried to call your firm. Here are three ways a law firm can truly benefit from the services of a virtual receptionist.

Virtual Receptionist Catches Clients Who Otherwise Might Have Moved On

Only 20 percent of people who reach a business's voicemail bother leaving a message. The other 80 percent of people hang up instead and may even end up contacting your competition — all because you weren't there to answer the phone. Having a virtual receptionist to take those initial calls, especially from interested parties and first-time callers, ensures that potential clients facing legal trouble always get a real person on the phone who can answer their questions and make them feel confident you'll get their message.

Virtual Receptionist Services Let You Focus on Other Aspects of Your Business

Perhaps you miss calls because you're busy fighting cases in court, meeting with existing clients or consumed by mountains of paperwork. Whatever the reason, meeting in person with people is a large part of the job, and you never want them to feel like you're distracted or not giving them enough attention. Easybee virtual receptionist services takes care of this problem by handling all of your incoming calls. That way, you can set your cell phone to silent and focus your full attention on the clients you're handling at the moment, instead of worrying about all the calls you might be missing.

Answering Services Keep You Organized

When you take a call in your office yourself, there's no guarantee the information will be processed in a timely way. Notes written on Post-Its or jotted down in a notebook can get lost in the shuffle easily, especially when it comes to dealing with people's legal difficulties.

Virtual receptionists can help keep your calls and contacts organized because that's what they spend their entire day doing. Easybee's team of professional virtual receptionists has a method for taking notes and pulling all necessary information from the call so they can relay it to you. For a business like a law firm that deals with lots of paperwork, having an organized, efficient virtual receptionist can certainly help streamline processes.

If you're interested in learning about more ways Easybee's team of virtual receptionists can really help your law firm grow, call Easybee for a consultation of your team's needs and a 15-day free trial at 305-447-7022. Alternatively, fill out their online contact form and they'll be in touch via email.


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