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Cheap Virtual Receptionist: Expectations vs. Reality

The value virtual receptionists and their associated phone answering services bring to your business is not a surprise anymore. They help you build a reputable name in the industry, letting you achieve the desired levels of success. 

However, not all virtual receptionists are made equal. While you can find tons of cheap virtual receptionists in the market, working with them may not end up being the best move after all. 

Wondering how? We got you covered — let’s dive in. 

The experience you get as a client

First and foremost, there’s a huge difference between client experience when we differentiate between cheap and expert services. From the moment you ask for a quote from the phone answering service to the time when you sign the partnership — you will see the difference. 

Expert virtual receptionists from reputed firms know how to present their service to you; after all, they’re going to do the same for your customers after the partnership. 

If the firm doesn’t feel professional and lacks in soft and hard skills, your customers would notice that too when the receptionist picks their calls. 

Your customers’ experience

When one of your customers calls your virtual receptionist, their experience will vary vastly depending on the quality of support the receptionist provides. 

If it’s an expert receptionist, the customer would notice that immediately and would be satisfied till the end. However, if the receptionist does a mediocre job at providing support, it will be an underwhelming experience for the customer.

The best way to figure out if your receptionist is doing a great job is to conduct surveys. After a support call ends, you can send a short survey to the customer so they can provide their feedback. Based on the provided feedback, you can figure out whether the receptionist is doing a great job or not. 

More than often, single feedback won’t be enough to make reasonable judgments about a receptionist. However, you can analyze the results of multiple surveys and calculate the average positive feedback customers have given to a specific receptionist. 

The versatility of benefits

Cheap virtual receptionists would do only one task: answer phone calls. However, professional and expert receptionists are much more than that. 

For instance, an expert receptionist is not only capable of taking calls, but he/she can also reply to customer messages effectively. You can set up the receptionist to respond to emails or any other messages you get on different platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Moreover, expert phone answering services have 24/7 working capabilities, so your customers have someone to talk to at any time of the day. Expert receptionists can also provide support in multiple languages. For example, if the caller speaks Spanish natively, the receptionist wouldn’t hesitate to support the caller in Spanish. 

Not only that, but expert receptionists are also well-suited for call forwarding. When the customer’s query is out of the receptionist’s hand and must be forwarded to one of your industry-specific agents, the receptionist would make sure to analyze the situation and forward the call to the ideal person. 

Key takeaways

Utilizing the services of virtual receptionists is a great way to take care of your customers, generate more leads, and expand your business altogether. However, not all receptionists are made equal. 

If you’re in search of a high-quality, expert phone answering service to work with, feel free to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to take it from there. 



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