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Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Success and an Answering Service can Help

You could build the best business idea, but without great customer satisfaction, your business won’t go anywhere. It’s a proven fact.

Customers want to feel heard and seen. They don’t want you to look at them like a dollar sign and move on – they want to feel valued, and it starts with outstanding service on the phone. That’s where customer satisfaction starts for any business, large or small.


Why You Need a Phone Service

Think about how much you do in a day. Do you feel pulled in a million directions? You want to answer the phone, but can’t because you’re in the middle of six other tasks, right?

What happens when you send the calls to voicemail? You likely lose the sale. Customers want to feel valued, and a voicemail doesn’t offer that feeling. If you want customers to pick up the phone and call you again, you need someone knowledgeable, professional, and efficient answering your phone.

An answering service could be the answer to your problems.


Customers Don’t Know a Virtual Answering Service isn’t in your Office

When you work with the right answering service, your customers won’t know the difference. They can’t tell that the person answering the phone isn’t in your office or even in the same state.

This happens when you work with a company that gets to know your company culture, mission, and how you operate. It’s as if they are one of the team, just in a virtual sort of way. Just because they aren’t in your office doesn’t mean they can’t work with you and help you keep customer satisfaction high.


What Customers Want to Hear

So, what do customers want to hear when they talk to you or an answering service? It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with potential clients or existing clients, they all want to have their questions answered on the spot.

Customers don’t want voicemail or someone to say, ‘let me get back to you on that.’ They are making decisions in the moment and if you can’t provide the answers they need, they’ll go elsewhere.

When you can provide the answers they need and the customer satisfaction they desire, not only will they become a client, but they’ll likely tell others about your company. But the opposite can be true too. If you provide poor customer service, they’ll talk just as much about your company, just not in a good way.


Let an Answering Service be your Key to Customer Satisfaction

Don’t think of hiring an answering service as giving up or as if you’re weak. Let it be the key to your customer satisfaction. When you work with a quality company like Easybee, your customers will never know that you outsourced your incoming calls.

Together we’ll create the best environment for your customers, ensuring they get their questions answered right away and are directed to the right people when necessary. Stop losing customers or trying to reconfigure your business model to do it all – outsource and watch how your bottom line soars!

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