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The Difference Between Good and Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is the key to your business’s success. Without excellent customer service, your business won’t operate to it's full potential. Take a look around the internet today. What do you see most often? Reviews, right?

People talk about their experiences, whether good or bad. Wouldn’t you want your company to have above-average ratings so other leads will choose you too? If you’re just mediocre or, worse yet, have bad reviews, leads will go elsewhere.

Good Customer Service Means Meeting Expectations

You might think good customer service is enough. If you’re doing what the customer wants, that’s what matters, right?

It does; however, good customer service means you’re meeting what the customer wants and aren’t doing anything else. You aren’t going above and beyond. In today’s competitive world, it’s crucial to go above and beyond to wow the customer, or they could get ‘wowed’ by someone else and not be your customer any longer.


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Excellent Customer Service Means Exceeding Expectations

The largest difference between good and excellent customer service is exceeding expectations. In other words, you go above and beyond what customers expect. Then, you give that value-added service that makes them think, ‘wow, this company is great.’

Providing good customer service is fine, but it leaves room for others to swoop in and take your customers. If you want to close that gap, excellent customer service is key, and using a virtual receptionist might be just what you need.

How Virtual Receptionists can Provide Excellent Customer Service

You might wonder how a virtual receptionist can provide excellent customer service or provide more than you can offer.

Here’s how:


The right virtual receptionist will get to know you and your company as well as your salaried employees so they can easily talk to leads about your company.


Virtual receptionists provide your leads with a warm, friendly voice willing to help them the first time they call. 


Virtual receptionists provide prompt responses and answers to your customer’s questions. They don’t put them on hold or take messages.


Virtual receptionists can handle problems immediately, leaving the customer feeling good about your company rather than frustrated.

The key is to find the right virtual receptionist service that can provide all of these things, so your customer feels want, served, and even special.

Elevate Customer Service with Easybee's Virtual Receptionists

Good customer service isn’t bad, but excellent customer service is even better. It means giving customers what they need when they need it. Don’t let their calls go to voicemail or put them on hold for long periods.

Using a virtual receptionist like Easybee ensures that your customers get the service they need immediately. There’s no need for voicemail or long hold times. Our receptionists can answer your customers’ questions, solve problems, and help close the sale when customers call. 

If you’re ready to see how a virtual receptionist can make a difference in your business, contact us today to try for free our 2-week free trial.

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