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From Missed Calls to Sales: How a Virtual Answering Services Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

In today’s fast-paced business environment, customers expect instant answers from businesses when they call.

Unfortunately, many businesses miss important calls or rely on voicemail, leading to missed sales opportunities and lost revenue.

This is where a virtual answering service can help. Virtual receptionists help businesses turn missed calls into sales and boost conversion rates.

Here’s how.

Put an End to Missed Calls

Every time you miss a call, you risk losing business. Most consumers will call another company if you don’t answer. Why take the chance?

A virtual answering service ensures all calls are answered 24/7. With highly-trained professionals answering your calls, you know they are getting top-notch customer service and always have someone available to answer their questions or patch them through to the appropriate party.

Immediate Response

Not everyone calling your business is a potential client. Some are existing customers that have questions. If you don’t answer the phone to provide those answers, your customers may not be as loyal as you hoped.


With a team of virtual receptionists answering your phone, your customers get answers immediately, increasing their satisfaction and chances of being loyal customers because they have the answers they need.


Lead Qualification

When new leads call your business, they must be qualified. Not every lead is meant for your business, and it wastes your time and your employees' time if they aren’t a good lead. Virtual receptionists can handle the task, performing light intake and screening leads to help you know which calls you should take and which to let go.

Appointment Scheduling

When customers call to schedule an appointment, they want an answer immediately. They may try elsewhere if you aren’t there to take the call. Using a virtual answering service and a scheduling tool, virtual receptionists can schedule your leads for initial consultations to capture the appointment and help you increase your business.


Bilingual Support

Many virtual answering services offer bilingual support, which is necessary for your business. Whether you operate in a multicultural environment or have customers that speak different languages, every customer deserves the same level of support no matter the language they speak. Having a team of virtual receptionists who speak another language can help increase your sales and customer satisfaction.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great virtual answering service to help your business, check out Easybee’s Answering Service. We help you turn missed calls into sales and boost conversion rates.

Our professionals are experienced, efficient, and excel at their jobs. We help with lead generation and appointment scheduling and provide bilingual support. In addition, our professionals consult with you to understand how you run your business and what services you want us to perform to help increase your revenue and grow your business base.

If you’re ready to stop missing calls and want to increase sales, contact us today to learn about our 15-day free trial.

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