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Seamlessly Connect with Your Customers: Enhance Your Business with Call Patching and Screening

Are you tired of constantly missing calls or wasting time answering unwanted calls? Running a business takes a lot of work, and your time is valuable, but every missed call may mean a missed opportunity.


If you don’t answer calls, you could miss leads or a chance to help a customer who needs an answer immediately. But answering every call can take up all the hours in your day, making it impossible to be productive.


A Virtual Answering Service’s call patching and screening services can help avoid this. A virtual receptionist answering your phones 24/7 can help streamline your business's communication process, improve productivity, and enhance the customer experience.


Say goodbye to the days of missed calls and opportunities and hello to a more streamlined business operation that makes you feel empowered and successful.


If you haven’t discovered the benefits of a virtual answering service, keep reading to learn how call patching and screening help your business.


Connect With Your Customers and Disconnect From Unwanted Calls

How often have you answered the phone only to roll your eyes and wonder how long this call will take? Maybe it was an important call, but someone else could have handled it, or it’s a sales call you don’t have time for, but can’t get the person off the phone. Unfortunately, it happens daily and can be frustrating for business owners.

Not every call that comes in is a call that needs your attention. Sales calls, spam, and general questions can typically be handled by someone dedicated to answering the phone, allowing you to carry on with your day.

Answering every call that comes in yourself can be challenging and time-consuming. You must stop the task you’re working on to answer the call, wait for the call to end, and then get back to the task, but you don’t want to miss the chance to connect with your customers.

This leaves you in a bind.

What happens when you forget what you were doing or get other interruptions? Before you know it, your work isn’t nearly as effective or productive as possible. But you’re probably too afraid not to answer the phone because you don’t want to miss opportunities to connect with clients.


How a Virtual Answering Service Helps you Connect

With a Virtual Answering Service’s call patching and screening services, you don’t have to worry about missing calls, but you also won’t be interrupted each time the phone rings.


A team of receptionists will answer your phone calls and route them to the appropriate person in your organization. This takes the pressure off you when the phone rings and ensures you don’t miss important calls.


The service ensures you’re always connected to your customers but can keep the workflow going without interruptions. In addition, your callers will get to the right place the first time, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Now you can connect with your customers without worrying about wasting other time in your day. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.


Make Your Time More Productive


Business owners often feel the need to handle every task their business requires themselves, but this decreases productivity. Although you’ve likely heard the term ‘burning the candle at both ends’ and know it's wrong, that’s what many business owners do because they don’t want to miss anything.


Here’s the problem, when you stop what you’re doing, you lose productivity because you either forget the task you were working on and don’t go back to it, or it takes longer than necessary. When you don’t have to stop every few seconds to answer the phone, you can focus on your tasks and get them done faster.


Time is money, and finding ways to streamline your operations is critical. Even if it’s not you answering the phone but another key employee, their productivity is affected, as is the entire company’s, as everyone impacts the business.


How a Virtual Answering Service can Improve Productivity


When a virtual answering service handles your calls, they can screen calls, filtering out unwanted calls, such as spam or sales calls. This allows you to focus on those that require your attention and let someone else deal with the calls that don’t affect your business.


A virtual answering service can use call patching and screening services to ensure the calls are routed to the right person while not interrupting anyone else in the process.


When you have fewer calls to manage and only those that need your attention, you can focus on other tasks and make the most of your business. This doesn’t mean you’re ignoring important calls. Instead, you only get the calls that require your attention, and all other calls are routed to the appropriate person.


Customized Plans for your Specific Needs


No two businesses have the same needs. Your industry and business type determine how you need calls handled.


Knowing your needs is a great way to ensure you get the services required from a virtual receptionist service. For example, you may have a priority ranking for certain types of calls or have different numbers some calls must go to, especially after hours.


When you hire a professional virtual receptionist service, you can rest assured that your calls go where they’re needed immediately. This ensures your customers are happy and everyone gets the information they need promptly.


At Easybee, we tailor our programs to what you need. So whether you need someone to screen your calls and only patch through the legit calls or route calls to the proper person so everyone else can remain productive, we can do what you need.


During the consultation, we’ll determine your business's needs to help it be more productive and create a plan suited to them. This will ensure that we are on the same page as you and your employees, yet we take the pressure of answering calls off your shoulders while decreasing the worry that important calls get missed.


Improve Customer Experience


The reason you have a business is to satisfy customers, right? So without happy customers, you don’t have much of a business.

Here’s the problem.

Today, customers want instant gratification. This means they want answers when they call and don’t want the runaround while you try to figure out who should take the call. Therefore, business owners must have a plan that makes customers feel special each time they call and quickly provides them with the answers or services they need.


This is especially important for new leads. When they call, they want to talk to a human. They don’t want a recording or a phone that rings endlessly. They may hang up and call the next business on their list if they can't get someone to talk to immediately.


How a Virtual Answering Service can Improve the Customer Experience


A professional virtual answering service gives your business an even more professional reputation. You can rest assured that someone is handling your calls 24/7, even when you aren’t open.


This ensures that your customers get the attention they need and new leads are handled appropriately. In addition, you can determine the process for when leads call after business hours but know that they’ll always have a human to talk to no matter when they call.


A virtual receptionist also ensures calls get routed to the right people. Most customers don’t appreciate getting the runaround when they call. If you don’t know who should answer the call or leave a customer on hold for too long, it will decrease their satisfaction with your business.


Call patching and screening services allow you to show your customers how valuable they are to you and that you’re committed to getting them the answers and services they need quickly.


What to Consider When Looking for Call Patching and Screening Services

Consider the following:

  • A service that operates 24/7, handling your calls around the clock
  • A team of professionals that can seamlessly answer your calls and route them appropriately
  • A team that can handle your business model and industry
  • A team that’s customer focused


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a top-notch virtual answering service for call patching and screening services, check out Easybee.

We offer customizable solutions that help streamline your communication process, improve your business’s productivity, and enhance your customers’ experience. With our personalized approach to call management, you can stay connected to your customers and focus on what matters most to your business.

To see what Easybee offers and how quickly it can help your business’s productivity and customer satisfaction, contact Easybee today and activate your free 15-day trial. We’re confident you’ll love our services, and how freeing it feels not to be tied to the phone!

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