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How to Deal with Angry Customers

Dealing with angry customers can be frustrating for everyone involved. However, company owners want to provide the best customer service, so everyone must understand how to handle the customer in a conducive manner.

Whether you handle the calls or use an answering service, anyone who answers your phone must know how to deal with angry customers.

Stay as Calm as Possible

It may feel impossible, but remaining calm is critical when dealing with angry customers. Returning anger with anger only makes things worse. The customer isn’t purposely trying to upset you. Most of the time, they have a legitimate concern. While they probably aren’t handling it right, it’s up to you to take the higher road.

Remain calm, and don’t retaliate by being defensive. Instead, think about what you’ll say and take a few seconds before responding. 


Actively Listen and be Empathic

Angry customers want to feel heard. If you yell back or just say ‘mmhmm,’ it will make them angrier. Instead, practice active listening. Hear what they are saying, repeat it to them and then show some empathy.

Tell them you understand and want to do whatever is possible to make it right, and don’t make them feel wrong. Instead, make them feel like every word they speak is right, and you will do whatever is possible to fix it.


Get to the Problem’s Core and Provide a Solution

Once you’ve heard the customer, try to repeat the problem to him/her. Make sure you truly understand the problem so you can come up with a reasonable solution. Sometimes this means offering a refund or redoing a service. You may also provide a replacement product if the customer wants the product and the one he/she received doesn’t work.


Always Follow Up

After dealing with an angry customer, the best customer service you can provide is to follow up. This shows customers you are listening and you do care. You can ask if they are satisfied with the resolution you provided and if there’s anything else you can do.

This shows customers you go above and beyond what’s expected and care about the customers. You may gain repeat customers by following up because they know you stand behind what you sell and will take care of any issues.


Final Thoughts

If you answer your phones, keep track of how you’re handling the calls, especially when there is an angry customer on the other end.

However, if answering phones is too much, along with the other tasks involved in running a business, consider hiring a quality answering service to handle your calls, including the angry customers, with ease.

At Easybee, our receptionists understand how to deal with customers when they are upset. They help them calm down by listening actively, being empathic, responding with kindness, and assisting customers with finding a solution that keeps them happy.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our virtual receptionist services!

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