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How to Gain More Leads with a Virtual Receptionist

Are you looking to expand your business and draw in more leads? Have you considered leveraging the customer’s journey with a virtual receptionist service?

It could be the key to unlocking more sales and helping you grow your business to the desired levels. 

Why a Virtual Receptionist can Help Businesses Gain More Leads

When you receive leads, you have a limited time to capture them. Unless they are exclusive leads, other businesses are receiving the same information. It's kind of like first-come-first-served, with a twist.

Customers will entertain the first caller the most, but you must have the right strategies to turn the leads into customers. Ignoring the calls or not handling them properly could lead to missed opportunities

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5 Ways Virtual Receptionists can Increase Lead Conversion

Let’s look at how virtual receptionists can turn your leads into customers.

  1. Every new lead reaches a live representative 24/7

Leads don’t always come in during business hours. If your leads don’t get called back right away or if they call and get voicemail, they’ll move on to someone else. When they reach out, they want answers immediately. A virtual receptionist can offer that service.


2. Leads from forms and calls are contacted immediately

Any leads you receive that need a callback are placed immediately. There’s no lag time or waiting for business hours. Our virtual receptionists contact the leads immediately to capture them when they are ‘hot,’ aka interested.


3. Leads are immediately qualified

As you know, not all leads are qualified. Some are just fishing, others are looking for a service other than what you offer. A virtual receptionist can qualify the callers, so you don’t waste time on unqualified leads.


4. Qualified leads have appointments scheduled

When our virtual receptionists qualify leads, they immediately schedule the appointment. This increases your chances of converting the lead to a client. Conversely, when the appointment isn’t immediately set, you increase the chances of the caller going to a competitor.


5. Necessary information is gathered


Our virtual receptionists gather all the necessary information, so you already have a background story when you have your appointment. Then, when you contact the lead, you can immediately break the ice and have a meaningful conversation, making the caller feel comfortable with your business immediately.


Final Thoughts

The key to converting leads to customers is leveraging the customer’s journey from start to finish. When leads call, they want to talk to someone right away. They are interested now, and any information you can provide will increase your chances of securing the deal.

Business owners can’t answer calls 24/7 and run a business; it’s not physically possible. However, with the help of virtual receptionists, you can ensure your leads never go unanswered, increasing your chances of a profitable business.


If you wonder how a virtual receptionist can help your business, try Easybee’s 15-day free trial and see how many more leads you capture by letting us do the work for you!

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