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The Top Reasons Customers Appreciate Talking to a Real Person

Technology today makes us think everything should be automated, right? But there are certain things customers still want the ‘old school way,’ including talking to a real person, aka quality customer service. 

While chatbots, online support systems, and email are all handy and save you time, they don’t please the customer as much as talking to a real person.

Automated systems and voicemail boxes are frustrating and leave the customer with the opportunity to go to your competitors.

So why do customers care so much about talking to a real person? Here are the top reasons.


Top Reasons Customers Want Real Customer Service

Each customer has a different reason for preferring human contact, but here are the most common reasons.


  Humans can Provide the Answers Needed

Chatbots and automated systems are great when the questions are straightforward. But, what happens if a customer has a question or concern that the automated systems can’t answer?

It leads to angry customers who might go elsewhere. But, on the other hand, when humans answer the phone, they can navigate the questions much easier, giving the customers what they want.


  Humans are More Efficient

Everyone today is busy, so the faster you can answer their questions and complete the call, the happier your customers will be. Unfortunately, Chatbots and automated systems can take a lot of time to decipher what customers need and then provide the answers. 

Talking to a human allows for faster answers and even the chance to quickly ask and answer follow-up questions.


  Humans can Cater to Those Who Need Human Support

Not everyone is comfortable asking questions online or navigating an automated system. Older people or just people who are worried about sharing too much information online often avoid automated systems.

Anyone who can’t communicate well or prefers to hear the answers from a person versus a robot do better with human customer service representatives.


  Humans are Empathic

Sometimes customers need a little TLC, and they aren’t going to get it from automated systems. So whether they are frustrated with your company or just having a bad day, sometimes talking to a human can reassure them that their issue will be handled correctly.

Sometimes all it takes is that human connection to help a customer get back to a better place, which might mean saving a customer from leaving your company.


Final Thoughts

Running a business means providing your customers with what they want. While you might save time with an automated system or chatbot, you might lose a large amount of your customer base not having a human customer service center.

Rather than hiring a full-time customer service staff and taking on more overhead, let Easybee help you with your virtual receptionist needs. Our team can answer your phones remotely, saving you money while ensuring that your customers get the level of customer service you desire. Let us help you keep your customer base and money!

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