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Improve Communication Skills With Your Customers

Communication helps us build better relationships by allowing us to share our ideas, needs, and experiences. It is the road through which we connect with one another. This is true in all corners of life. This includes the workplace.

You may be great at what you do. However, running a successful business is not only about focusing on the product or service. You must go beyond that. Customer service and sales are just as important as the product or service you are selling. And, for both customer service and sales, optimizing your customer communication skills is paramount.


Remember: Customers Are People, Too

Technology and consolidation have developed a negative trend among businesses. Customers are now being regarded as numbers. Sometimes businesses forget that Customer Number X or Potential Client Y are more than just support tickets in a pipeline. It is absolutely important to streamline operations to maximize efficiency in your business. CRMs, ERPs, and a myriad other operational system have allowed businesses to automize their customer interactions. Nevertheless, maintaining a personalized touch with your customers is key to keeping customer satisfaction high and your business competitive.


How Can you Improve Your Customer Communication Skills?

 Learn to Listen

Take your time whenever a customer reaches out regarding an issue. Active listening and probing questions will help you get a clear picture of what is bothering your client. Your response will likely be more effective and appreciated.

 Have Feedback Channels

Sometimes your clients will go great lengths to tell you about their experience. But this will not always be the case. Creating opportunities for them to reach out to you will improve communication and will give you more perspective about how your product or service is being received by your clients. Such opportunities can be: follow up emails, a phone line that is always answered through a virtual receptionist service, or a webform where they can submit a claim. You cannot have good customer service without strong communication channels.

 Maintain Professionalism

All business owners know that the client is NOT always right. Even if you are dealing with great stress, it is important to keep your cool and stay professional as you are hearing out a client. Keep the topic of the conversation on the issue. Abandoning professionalism only allows for your client’s issue to be bigger. Suddenly, it is not only the issue he or she had, but it is also an unprofessional customer service.

 Show You Are Listening

This goes in hand with the first tip.  However, showing you are listening goes beyond just learning to listen. It goes into doing actions that directly impact the issue your customer brought up. Once you do it, make sure you let them know. It is important to tell your customers “Hey, I heard you, here is the result.”

 Show You Care

Practice empathy. Regardless of your business size, the product you sell, or the service you provide, if a customer is reaching out is because, whatever their issue, it is important to them.


If you want to begin improving your communication channels with your customers, looking for a trustworthy virtual receptionist service can go a long way. Easybee Answering Services is a team of operators with phenomenal communication skills. Adding Easybee to your team will allow you to have a 24/7 communication channel with your customers where they can reach your business through one of our representatives.

Easybee operators are professional, empathetic, and always in their best disposition to help. Give Easybee a try through its 2-week free trial. Your business customer service will thrive from it!


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