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Why Outsourcing is the Key to your Company

Business owners have a lot on their plates – sometimes too much. When the phone is ringing off the hook, you have customers in front of you demanding your attention, and you have employees and vendors to supervise, it can be too much.

Finding key areas of your business to outsource is important, otherwise, you risk losing potential clients or even chasing away existing clients.

One key area you can outsource that is probably the most important way to grow your business is your incoming calls. Letting a professional company handle your calls can be one of the best business decisions you make.

Why would you trust someone else to answer your phone? Here’s why.


You’ll Create a Better Bond with your Customers

You can’t create a bond with customers if you don’t answer the phone, right? Even if you set up a voicemail that promises a call back within 24 hours or even the same business day, 80% of people won’t leave a message.

This means you could lose a large percentage of potential clients each time you miss a phone call. When you outsource your phone calls to a virtual reception service, you can rest assured that your customers receive top-quality customer service every time, helping you to create that bond with them.


You can Provide More Personalized Service

Customers want instant gratification today and that means getting answers to their questions or helping find what they need right now. If you let phone calls go to voicemail, where do you think clients go? They move on to the next company that will answer their call.

With a virtual reception service, you don’t have to worry about losing clients to your competitors because your phones are answered right away around the clock. When your clients feel prioritized and respected, they’ll be more likely to come back.


You’ll Save Money

A virtual reception service can save you as much as $36,000 a year over bringing in an in-house receptionist service. That could make or break a company, right?

When you hire the right virtual company, you can trust that your calls will be handled with efficiency and effectiveness. You’ll save money and know that your customers are well cared for while you tend to other business operations.


Let Easybee Help You!

If you’re tired of burning the candle at both ends or you worry that you’re losing customers because you can’t get to the phone while taking care of all other business tasks, Easybee receptionists can help you get what you need.

We offer affordable services including answering your calls, transferring calls, taking messages, and scheduling appointments.

Never get overwhelmed with all the tasks your business requires again. Outsource your incoming calls and know that they are handled professionally. You’ll see your customer base increase and your bottom line look better than ever before all because you made the simple choice to outsource your services to one of the best companies in the business!


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